Coca-Cola launches phase two of ‘Share a coke’ campaign, 50 new names to go on bottles

Coca-cola has launched the second phase of its popular ‘Share a Coke’ campaign, inviting consumers to vote on 50 new names to be put on bottles and cans of the fizzy drink.

Coke’s name-on-a-bottle campaign, which launched at the end of September, has received “an unprecedented consumer response”, the company has said.

Initially, 150 names were printed on bottles and cans of Coke. Now another 50 names will be added, which can be voted on by the public via the brand’s Facebook page.

People will be able to nominate a name up until November 24. Coke will release a shortlist for a public vote that will run from 6 – 14 December.

The final 50 names will be announced in mid-December, and consumers can expect to see the selected names on retailer shelves in January.

Online, outdoor, Facebook ads and live reads on Southern Cross Austereo radio stations will support the campaign.

“The wave of positive response from consumers and their interactions with the campaign has far exceeded our expectations,” said Lucie Austin, marketing director of Coca-Cola South Pacific.

“We’ve received a tremendous amount of requests for specific names to be included in the campaign. And we’d love to deliver on all. But it’s seemingly impossible to choose. Who better to help us make the decisions than the consumers themselves, so we’re asking them to nominate names and vote.”


  1. Simon
    18 Nov 11
    11:48 am

  2. Best. Campaign. Ever.

    And I’ll fight anyone outside who says otherwise.


  3. Tracey Lee Currie
    18 Nov 11
    12:17 pm

  4. I would like to see my son’s name Dennis on the Share a Coke Campaign…..Please. Thanks

  5. Tracey Lee Currie
    18 Nov 11
    12:18 pm

  6. Kiah and Tahnee are becoming popular names as well

  7. KS
    18 Nov 11
    12:27 pm

  8. Yep, still a great campaign. However, I can no longer tell whether Tracey is trolling or not.

    Coca-Cola could take a few SEO tips from you, Tim!

  9. The Accountant
    18 Nov 11
    12:27 pm

  10. Happy to take that fight up Simon!

    What is actually so good about this campaign? CC Amatil have a technological advance that enables them to print peoples names on bottles. So they print names on ALL the bottles, so when you go into a shop 99% of the time if you want to buy a Coke it will have someone else’s name on it. It makes no sense.

    The campaign’s line “Share a Coke.” Most people buy cans for themselves, not other people. And people don’t get our two straws to share the same can or bottle. So how is it sharing a Coke? It makes no sense.

    So Simon, why Best. Campaign. Ever. ?

  11. I hate Coke but...
    18 Nov 11
    1:11 pm

  12. @Accountant. Regularly on Facebook a friend will upload a photo of a name on a Coke bottle. Perhaps another friends, or a family member. The thread with then decsend into banter and jokes and fun and even further photo’s will be added to the thread.

    I do not drink the diabetes causing awful stuff, however the Coke brand is being shared around and for branding purposes it is a great campaign and I would also feel that sales will benefit also over time for sure – we shall see…

    ‘Pepsi’ on a Coke bottle would be awesome!

  13. mumbrella
    18 Nov 11
    1:21 pm

  14. Happy to oblige, I hate Coke but…

  15. AdGrunt
    18 Nov 11
    1:40 pm

  16. It’s such a damn simple and effective campaign.

  17. tb
    18 Nov 11
    2:09 pm

  18. Campaign of the year…by a very long way.

  19. Andrew
    18 Nov 11
    2:51 pm

  20. @ accountant

    Stand in a fast food outlet, supermarket checkout or anywhere else coke is merchandised and wait the short amount of time until kids are nearby, trawling through the names trying to find theirs or friends… and then talking about it non-stop and pestering mum/dad to buy one if they find one.

    Or look at any number of teenagers who have a coke bottle as their display pic on facebook.

    They’ve created entertainment out of a product that would’ve had minimal emotional involvement thought given to it with a standard label.. And this next stage is just going to build on that.

    Simple. Effective. Brilliant.. and so intrinsically linked to product.

  21. Katherine
    18 Nov 11
    2:54 pm

  22. Often the most simple ideas are the most brilliant! I would love to shake the hand of the copywriter/marketer who coined this campaign.


  23. Macsmutterings
    18 Nov 11
    3:13 pm

  24. Colin… is there a Colin on one I wonder? I don’t drink coke but if I see my name on one I will be buying it

  25. Kitty
    18 Nov 11
    3:16 pm

  26. I don’t drink the stuff anymore but even i find my self searching for friends names and either taking pix on my phone and sending to them or uploading the pix to Facebooka dn linking friends in pictures. i even had to buy a Scott bottle to give to my colleague because he was disappointed he ahdn’t found one – it now sits on his desk unopened!

    Definitely a great campaign giving such fun meaning to an otherwise very bad for your health product!

  27. Jo
    18 Nov 11
    3:35 pm

  28. Still searching for a Jo. Not a huge fan of Coke but have 3 unopened bottles in my fridge just because they have friends’ names on them. Would love to know the sales figures around the campaign, surely that would be a gauge of its success.

  29. The Accountant
    18 Nov 11
    4:12 pm

  30. @simon @andrew

    I am wrong. Valid points have been brought up. Happy to admit when I am mistaken (is that allowed on an industry blog?)

  31. Simon
    18 Nov 11
    4:13 pm

  32. @TheAccountant

    Best. Campaign. Ever. because….

    Cheap (from a creative point of view anyway).
    Social (1000s of shares of static Coke can shots on social media).
    Interactive (get your own name on your own can).
    Longevity (been about for a while now and people are still hunting for names).
    Extendable (see this article).
    Appeals to die-hard Coke fans.

    Good enough?

    And finally:

    “The campaign’s line “Share a Coke.” Most people buy cans for themselves, not other people. And people don’t get our two straws to share the same can or bottle. So how is it sharing a Coke? It makes no sense.”

    I was thinking your screen name might be ironic. Now, I’m not so sure.

  33. Alan from East Melbourne
    18 Nov 11
    6:25 pm

  34. Haven’t seen too many non Anglo names yet.

  35. Franca marras
    18 Nov 11
    7:09 pm

  36. I would love too see share a coke with Franca. It would be awesome cause the name is different. Awesome campaign it’s always a laugh trying to find friends names but I’m always dissappointed cause I’ll never find mine

  37. Ann
    18 Nov 11
    8:31 pm

  38. Wonder if the names they select will skew baby names!!

  39. Simon Lawson
    18 Nov 11
    9:43 pm

  40. Best local campaign in recent memory. Genuine involvement on a massive scale. Well done on getting everyone talking about red coke again.

  41. Tom
    19 Nov 11
    1:22 pm

  42. Great idea.
    It’s going to clean up every media award and a bunch of creative ones, too.
    I just hope the person whose idea it really was gets the credit they deserve…

  43. tori
    19 Nov 11
    5:35 pm

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  45. darcy
    19 Nov 11
    6:29 pm

  46. hayyyyy this is my friends name hehe

  47. Krystal
    19 Nov 11
    8:21 pm

  48. would love to see my name =) got people serching high and low but still no Krystal

  49. nickatnights
    19 Nov 11
    11:35 pm

  50. Go to You Tube and search for “coca cola the kitchen”

    Now that’s marketing that Coke / Amatil has not gotten close to matching in the last two decades.

    Back when a soft drink could be fun.

  51. @the accountant
    20 Nov 11
    8:39 pm

  52. I should start out saying I don’t work for Coke or Singo’s or whatever it’s called now. Seriously, I don’t. I wouldn’t want to, to be completely frank.

    The reason I think it’s great (as a non-coke drinker, who has come up with some successful and highly noticeable campaigns during my very short time in converse shoes and skinny jeans is pretty simple.

    It appeals to people on the most basic level. Vanity and ego. And to look at the increasing trend of narcism these days (especially in the age of facebook and twitter), it’s definitely a case of right campaign, right time.

    And even if my middle-eastern inspired name (hate my hippy parents) isn’t on a bottle, I still see friends names and buy them – not for myself, I hate the crap, but for them.

    It’s not the best campaign ever, I’ll give you that. But it’s pretty decent, and if it doesn’t pick up at the award shows we’ll know why – because Singo’s did it, not Droga 5.

    Still though, I don’t think we’ll see a ‘share a coke with the accountant’ bottle out anytime soon, although the ‘share a coke with the riot police’ is apparently very popular in certain suburbs.

    Bless that sugary tooth and stomach decay bogan killing monstrosity.

  53. Lex Louw
    21 Nov 11
    12:02 am

  54. I’ve look everywhere for a Scott for my best friend but found none.

    Can you please make a Scott?

  55. Jackie
    21 Nov 11
    1:47 pm

  56. Would love to see ‘Share a Coke with Cellulite’

  57. Colleen
    21 Nov 11
    4:25 pm

  58. Would love to see Colleen on a bottle, its fairly old name, so Col or Cole will do!!

  59. Nat
    21 Nov 11
    4:26 pm

  60. Am dying to see Share a Coke with ‘Charlie’……..

    Get it!

  61. Kirsty
    21 Nov 11
    7:54 pm

  62. Would love if u could do a bottle with Emma on it thanks

  63. Millie
    21 Nov 11
    8:19 pm

  64. please make one with ‘Millie’ on it! 😀

  65. Karlee
    21 Nov 11
    10:25 pm

  66. Share a coke with “Karlee” :)) PLEASE/
    send to perth 😛

  67. Anonymous
    21 Nov 11
    11:49 pm

  68. Share a coke with eunice

    22 Nov 11
    7:42 am


  71. aleisha
    22 Nov 11
    3:46 pm

  72. I want my name on a bottle of coke cause iv neva been able 2 find my name on anything my hole life and it sucks but would be awesome if Aleisha was on a coke bottle :p

  73. Tonika
    22 Nov 11
    6:10 pm

  74. i would absoultly love my name on a coke bottle. i never eva see it on anything . and theres quite a few people out there with my name :)

  75. rachael
    22 Nov 11
    9:05 pm

  76. I would like to see my sisters name on a bottle of coke her lovely name is DEWAR so please put her name on the come bottles thanx

  77. Andrew
    22 Nov 11
    9:41 pm

  78. Hi

  79. Gail Ryan
    22 Nov 11
    11:18 pm

  80. Could you tell me if Abby and Jake are names for bottles. My niece and nephew are desperate to obtain one.

  81. Llayne Robertson
    23 Nov 11
    3:13 pm

  82. could u put a BYRON on a bottle and a TAMIKA ……. Those are my kids names .. oh and LLAYNE would be nice too

  83. Georgia
    23 Nov 11
    10:07 pm

  84. Can you make one saying “feef”

  85. gal
    24 Nov 11
    1:20 pm

  86. what is wrong with all you people???

  87. tracey
    24 Nov 11
    4:14 pm

  88. hi would love my sons name……..Blake ……
    which is a popular name these days

  89. >.
    24 Nov 11
    10:35 pm

  90. would love the name mitchell to pop up on a coke… is very popular n theres not even a mitch

  91. Simone
    25 Nov 11
    8:05 pm

  92. I’d like my name on a bottle :)

  93. PussEKatt
    25 Nov 11
    11:18 pm

  94. Please put Colin and Verna on bottles of coke as I think
    Thank you so much

  95. Anonymous
    26 Nov 11
    2:57 pm

  96. Can you please put Tanika

  97. tanika
    26 Nov 11
    2:59 pm

  98. Can you please put tanika
    and telisha

    On a coke bottle please ???/??

  99. david
    26 Nov 11
    4:55 pm

  100. can we have more of Danielle and David Hailey thank you

  101. Anton
    26 Nov 11
    8:27 pm

  102. Please put ANTON on a coke.

  103. Nathan
    27 Nov 11
    5:49 am

  104. can you put Nathan welch on the bottle please

  105. Nathan
    27 Nov 11
    5:51 am

  106. Could you put Alice bretagne
    on it please

  107. Rade
    27 Nov 11
    8:07 pm


  109. chalsee
    28 Nov 11
    4:15 pm

  110. I would love to share a coke ” CHARLIE” “SUNNY” CHLOE” “LISA”



  111. Peter Rush
    28 Nov 11
    7:03 pm

  112. Please put my dog’s name on a bottle. His name is WARNING ,CAUSES OBESITY IN CHILDREN. Thank you.

  113. Waiora
    29 Nov 11
    3:55 pm

  114. Hi my name is waiora it would be so cool to see my name on a coke bottle I live in the goldfields

  115. melaine
    29 Nov 11
    4:30 pm

  116. i would love to see a holly, especially around christmas time, it is such a pretty name, my daughter holly would love it as i already have the other kids names

  117. AdGrunt
    29 Nov 11
    4:38 pm

  118. Hi my name is Imoronicallytypecommentsonlinelikeadafterversionofalobotomisedsheep
    Can you print this on 7-Up cans. Or bottles.
    Can you also do it on a bottle of Jim Beam for my step-uncle.
    Can you also bring me Lara Bingle in an elf suit.

  119. Bianca
    29 Nov 11
    5:43 pm

  120. i think Bianca should be on a bottle

  121. Amy
    29 Nov 11
    5:44 pm

  122. i think Amy should be on a bottle

  123. Amy
    29 Nov 11
    5:46 pm

  124. i want Amy to be on the bottle

  125. Aristotle
    29 Nov 11
    9:33 pm

  126. Bottle and glass…

  127. Sue Wright
    29 Nov 11
    9:40 pm

  128. I am trying to collect my family before Xmas and I need Sue, Damian, Dale, Cameron, Marnie and Sarah. I have not been able to find these names. Have they been printed or not. Thanks Sue

  129. shenay
    30 Nov 11
    1:05 pm

  130. i would love to find a coke that says share a coke with shenay, viviana, adem, aydin and leah i have not been able to find one and ive looked everywhere so please make a coke with my familys names on please =]

  131. maryanne
    30 Nov 11
    5:48 pm

  132. I have found 6 of my boys names but I am still missing one .
    I need a Beau please

    thank you Maryanne

  133. melissa
    30 Nov 11
    7:16 pm

  134. Would love to see my sons name NOAH. It’s a popular boys name, how did you miss it COKE?

  135. sylvia
    1 Dec 11
    2:39 pm

  136. would like to see my name on one iv got loys of people looking and havent found one yet thanks xxxx

  137. betty10
    2 Dec 11
    8:00 pm

  138. Pretty please my kids and I have unusual names Jenica, Brayden, Kytiarna and Temeesha I love my coke and it would be great to have all our names on a can/bottle.
    Thanks heaps
    x x x x x x x x x x x x

  139. Sivi Stanford
    2 Dec 11
    9:33 pm

  140. I would like to share a coke with Marley on the coke bottle please

  141. Patricia Rozanski
    2 Dec 11
    9:47 pm

  142. I found a bottle with my son’s name and would be great if I had one with his girlfriend’s name Patrina.

  143. Jiselyn
    2 Dec 11
    10:27 pm

  144. Please I would love to put my name on coke bottle, because I’m number 1 addicted to coke…. Since back then from when I was young ultil now…

  145. Hollie
    3 Dec 11
    5:31 pm

  146. i have been searching for a Hollie but never find one. All my sisters and brothers have their names :(

  147. mak
    4 Dec 11
    1:27 pm

  148. i was really diapointed when all my friends had a coke with their name on it but i coulnt find one for me so i think there should be on for Mak. i think the whole things a great i dea and those who have found a coke with their name on it will probebly keep it for ever. so if they could make a Mak that would be the best thing in the world. :)

  149. kim
    4 Dec 11
    7:58 pm

  150. I would like to see Eli and tennille

  151. Jack Fresh
    5 Dec 11
    12:34 am

  152. Why are you asking via Mumbrella to print names on Coke cans? Go to the Coke facebook or website you tards.

  153. Hmm
    5 Dec 11
    2:41 pm

  154. Was there nothing better than the Coke ads on old – think, blow up water device (trampoline), bikini glad girls, spunky young men and a bit of all round good fun and adventure.

  155. archie
    5 Dec 11
    3:01 pm

  156. don’t Coke’s staff and agency have better things to do than astroturf a marketing trade website?

  157. The Accountant
    5 Dec 11
    3:12 pm

  158. @betty10 Don’t worry, they already have a can to cover all those names. They just labelled it “Bogan”

  159. Paris
    5 Dec 11
    4:47 pm

  160. Uh hello? Why has no one mentioned the more original (note “more”) and given the Contintental Cup-a-Soup RED name-on-a-cup promotion by Unilever. Its exactly the same only happened years bfore Coke did it.

  161. zoe
    6 Dec 11
    1:50 pm

  162. i would like to share a coke with Estelle please its a gorgeous name and person to put on a coke bottle or can i really hope use can make this happen ill buy all of them lol

  163. Tracey
    9 Dec 11
    3:09 pm

  164. Hello 😀 I am looking out for these names :-) Gary, Barbara, Leaetta, Tracey, Brooke, Andrew… THANKYOU..!!

  165. Tiaha
    9 Dec 11
    4:16 pm

  166. im looking for my name tiaha. its hardly common. ive never met anyone with it spelt the way it is and pronounced the same way. it would be awesome if i could find it thanks :)

  167. Emily
    9 Dec 11
    9:32 pm

  168. I would like to have my friends name Sairne on a bottle of coke because she hasn’t seen her name yet :)

  169. luke mccartney
    9 Dec 11
    9:34 pm

  170. i like to have eminem on a coke bottle because i think it would be popular

  171. luke mccartney
    9 Dec 11
    9:37 pm

  172. please put danika on a coke thanks

  173. Somer
    12 Dec 11
    11:08 am

  174. Putting this name on a coke bottle would mean alot to me.
    It’s different and it could give perants ideas on what to call their baby :p
    SOMER!!!!!!!!!!!!! :)

  175. Sharee
    12 Dec 11
    11:10 am


  177. sian
    12 Dec 11
    3:34 pm

  178. sian
    hehe c;

  179. nick
    12 Dec 11
    3:34 pm

  180. dj tiny

  181. sian
    12 Dec 11
    3:36 pm

  182. sian

  183. Anonymous
    12 Dec 11
    3:39 pm

  184. karli … 😀

  185. jen
    12 Dec 11
    7:52 pm

  186. share a coke with Carly….. pleaseeeeee

  187. kiara
    12 Dec 11
    10:01 pm

  188. I would love to see my name kiara on a coke bottle i have looked every where for a bottle with kiara on it and i just want to see kiara on a bottle so please put my name on a bottle and one last thing can you put wozzy on it to thank you


  189. HARLEY
    12 Dec 11
    10:03 pm

  190. I

  191. Lara
    13 Dec 11
    10:06 am

  192. Hello my name is Lara and for many weeks I have been trying to find my name on a coke bottle at the shops I always look through all the coke bottles and still haven’t found my name. The closest name to Lara is Laura and it would be very much appreciated if you could bring out share a coke with Lara bottles because I would be so happy to know that my name would be on a coke bottle!!

    If you are going to to do this please send it out to Woolworths!

    Thanks heaps!!

  193. Cara
    13 Dec 11
    1:17 pm

  194. I would love for my name Cara to be printed on a coke bottle and or can.
    Why? because for 30 years now i stuggle to find anything i mean anything with my name on it as its very unsual, I must admit the only thing ive come across was a work out barbie doll her name was cara and yes it suited me to a tee being blonde however now at 30 years of age its not so cool to to displace a barbie doll around the house.
    Sooooo Please pick a great name like Cara for your compition

  195. steve
    13 Dec 11
    1:36 pm

  196. hilarious, this thread could become like the blog post about Facebook that readers confused for a new login page:

    If you actually read the article, you’d see the right place to go to vote on names: Now another 50 names will be added, which can be voted on by the public via the brand’s Facebook page

  197. Mimi
    13 Dec 11
    3:44 pm

  198. Or….we could all change our name to “Coke” – that would make life easy…..

  199. Silvio
    13 Dec 11
    4:33 pm

  200. I want to put my name on a coke bottle,
    My name is Silvio.

  201. Jaxl
    13 Dec 11
    10:36 pm

  202. Erm I kinda think this is dumb because names like mine and my friends [Including Li-wei and Sahil] never come up anywhere on these sort of things. I mean it must be fun for other people but some of us do want our names on there but they’re never going to appear because we’re probably the only people in the world with these names.

  203. Linda
    14 Dec 11
    11:41 am

  204. Whoever came up with this one is GENIUS. So simple, yet soo engaging!

    Am definitely Interested to see if other brands start trying to knock off similar ideas over the next few years….. Please don’t make this the new flash mob craze. The reason it worked so well was because it was different!

  205. Chloe
    14 Dec 11
    12:45 pm

  206. Can u plz plz plz put the name Chloe on a coke bottle!!
    I have been looking for months and still havent found my name :(
    If i do find my name i will never drink the coke or i will but i will keep he bottle and keep re-filling it !!! lol

  207. Chloe
    14 Dec 11
    12:50 pm

  208. Can u plz put Chloe on a coke bottle i really wont 2 find my name !!!! :*

  209. Silvio
    14 Dec 11
    3:26 pm

  210. I would love my name on Coca Cola bottle SILVIO
    I’ve been a collector off Coke items for long time
    That would go real good with my collection.

  211. Chantelle
    14 Dec 11
    5:10 pm

  212. I would love my name chantelle on there it’s never on anything that has names it’s sad but if you could do one better Telly would be :))

  213. Shannon
    15 Dec 11
    8:28 am

  214. I would like to see the name SHANNON
    They had my mums name and my dads name and my sister name and my brothers name but not mine!!!!
    Please get a SHANNON

    Also all those people looking for Charlie on of my friends went up to a westfields were they were printing names onto coke cans and ask for CHARLIE but they would not print it cause some names they are not allowed to print for some reason?????

  215. Shannon
    15 Dec 11
    5:55 pm


  217. sian
    16 Dec 11
    12:00 pm

  218. put the name sian on a bottel PLEEAASSEE

  219. brendo
    16 Dec 11
    2:58 pm

  220. yes, they do read this page and put all of your names on the bottles, NOT !! Suckers…

    17 Dec 11
    6:08 pm


  223. Caitlyn
    17 Dec 11
    10:13 pm

  224. I would like to see my brothers name on a bottle please it is