Coca-Cola hunts new marketing director as Lucie Austin heads to Europe

The architect of Coca-Cola’s award winning Share A Coke campaign is to leave Australia for a new role in Europe, Encore can reveal.Coca-cola 'share a Coke' campaign

Lucie Austin, marketing director of Coca-Cola South Pacific, was at the helm when the company launched its personalised cans and bottles. The idea captured the public’s attention and won awards across the world. Mumbrella named Coca-Cola as its advertiser of the year off the back of the campaign in 2011.

Austin will leave next month to become marketing director for Europe (North Western Europe and Nordics), a newly created role.

A spokesman said Austin would be leaving on April 12. “It’s a huge move up for her up for her. We haven’t  got a replacement yet. We are starting the interview process, and that person won’t be starting until mid June.”


  1. Rob R
    7 Mar 13
    11:52 am

  2. How about share a coke with “the nature strip” or “out the car window”. OUT OF ORDER!

  3. dannyboi
    7 Mar 13
    12:08 pm

  4. Congrats Lucie!

  5. Groucho
    7 Mar 13
    12:47 pm

  6. @Rob R sticking it up Coca Cola is a great pastime; sugar, diabetes, bullying the Northern Territory all come to mind. Blaming them for rubbish on your nature strip is patently idiotic though, and just helps enable them to label all of their critics as nutters. So do us all a favour and mount meaningful criticisms with some hope of adding to the tide of condemnation, not detracting from it.

  7. Bob
    7 Mar 13
    1:05 pm

  8. There are many points that a case study could put together as to why this marketing campaign was the greatest campaign of all of 2011 and possibly will be for the decade – at least in the fizzy drink industry – but i think the simplest and most honest reason to why this campaign was the success that it was is that people are that dull & easily amused to the point that seeing a name on a bottle sends them into a frenzy.

    “oh wow look it says Jade!”
    – but you don’t even like Coke
    “yeah but it sez me name!!!….quick take a pictcha!”

  9. Tide
    7 Mar 13
    1:58 pm

  10. If only coke put as much effort into getting these inevitably dumped ‘Jade’ bottles back and recycled as they do to getting them out the door or hiring wigs, they could be a truly amazing company – i wonder how it feels to work there at the moment?

  11. Leanne Brinkies
    7 Mar 13
    2:04 pm

  12. Congratulations Lucie!

  13. Rob R
    7 Mar 13
    2:11 pm

  14. But if kids were encouraged to clean them up they wouldnt be on nature strips etc. I’ll consider myself dressed down but I was never one for dressing up. Thanks for the appraisal! Out of Order!