Coles brings The Wiggles into the fray

Coles have rolled out its latest weapon in its war with Woolworths – The Wiggles.

The children’s entertainers are fronting the latest offering from Coles which focuses on discounted nappies. It offers 108 Wiggles-branded BabyLove nappies for $27.

The moves comes a week after Woolies launched a price offer on nappies. The ad was so heavily promoted it was recorded by Ebiquity as the second most played primetime metro ad last week.

Recent weeks have seen Woolies and Coles go head to head on several fronts.

The supermakets have done battle of milk and beer prices, while Woolies has used celebrity chef Margaret Fulton to pour scorn on the Coles $10 meals.

Woolies also launched Rocky-themed ads featuring shop staff in green boxing gloves in response to the giant red hand sported by Woolies staff.

The new ad for Coles sees the Wiggles get the giant hand treatment.


  1. BJW
    25 Mar 11
    6:09 pm

  2. This story needs a complete re-write – You have ‘Woolies’ and Coles all over the shop.

    – PTP..

  3. craig
    25 Mar 11
    6:12 pm

  4. How much longer is this going to go on before there’s a class action from corner stores for anti-competitive behaviour?

  5. dave
    25 Mar 11
    7:22 pm

  6. cigarettes and beer for 10 year olds will be next

  7. Anonymous
    25 Mar 11
    8:38 pm

  8. Aren’t The Wiggles rich enough already?

  9. naomi
    26 Mar 11
    9:14 am

  10. thats it for me and the wiggles…low

  11. nickatnights
    26 Mar 11
    4:30 pm

  12. It’s so interesting to see Woolworths imitating a resurgent Coles. In the last week alone they have used a green boxing glove (instead fo the red hand) and started Fulton’s recipes (in response to Curtis Stone’s food).

    C’mon Woolies – get back to leading.

    Stop following.

  13. GH
    27 Mar 11
    5:21 pm

  14. genius,
    it’s interesting to see woolies is now the follower…but i’m not under estimating them, they are still making a s**t ton more $$$

  15. Anonymous
    28 Mar 11
    3:25 pm

  16. Ban the coles Ads!!!

  17. retail man
    28 Mar 11
    4:43 pm

  18. Do you work at Woolies 3:25?

  19. Ella
    28 Mar 11
    5:46 pm

  20. Sing along: “Down, down, Wiggles’ reputation is down!”