Coles rolls out a ‘little red quote’ in campaign for car insurance

Coles has swapped the big red hand that characterises its advertising for a ‘little red quote’ in a campaign to spruik its car insurance.

The campaign, which breaks on national television tonight, sees small red cars used to represent its insurance offer.

The red cars seen in the ads are to tour Australia, starting in Melbourne and traveling up to Sydney via Canberra, as part of an experiential campaign to push Coles Car Insurance.

Coles group director, marketing, Simon McDowell, said in a statement: “We are passionate about building the Coles Big Red Hand to be the most famous symbol of value in Australia and have now turned our attention to the insurance industry.”

“Australians are paying too much for insurance, so we are offering great quality product, combined with a Price Beat Guarantee and communicating it to Australia with a bold and engaging campaign – in the unique Coles style,” he said.


  • Creative: Big Red
  • Media: MBThree
  • Digital: Reactive
  • Print: Whippet
  • Public Relations: Haystac


  1. Horrific
    13 Feb 13
    3:13 pm

  2. Pretty sure the talent won’t be adding this ad to their reel.

  3. Bullseye
    13 Feb 13
    5:10 pm

  4. I smiled throughout this. Applause with big red hands.

  5. Overplayed
    13 Feb 13
    9:28 pm

  6. Why do they keep using inverted comma fingers when they say quote?

  7. lady
    14 Feb 13
    9:28 am

  8. Inverted commas are also known as quotation marks. Quotes tend to have these marks around them. Just because it’s an Americanism doesn’t mean it’s wrong.

    Horrible, horrible ad. I feel uncomfortable watching it.

  9. goodone
    14 Feb 13
    9:52 am

  10. This ad makes me want to get out of advertising. It’s embarrising for everyone involved and if this is listed on a CV that comes across my desk it’s going in the bin.

    It makes me hate Coles….evern more than I used to.

  11. Another pointless comment
    14 Feb 13
    1:16 pm

  12. This ad may not be everyone’s cup of tea but i find it rather catchy and fun.

  13. dj
    14 Feb 13
    1:39 pm

  14. I like to save money, and often go to a little effort to do so. However, this entire – thing – is so appalling and awful that, within seconds of viewing, I swore to myself that I would never, ever, *never* purchase this insurance … no matter how far ‘down’ the prices go. All because of this single, once-viewed ad.

    It is precisely the same sensation – and same commitment to forswearing their products for eternity – that I experience when I hear Frank Walker from National Tiles.

  15. Hey hey Y2K
    14 Feb 13
    1:59 pm

  16. This brand is butchered.

  17. Ash
    14 Feb 13
    2:02 pm

  18. Omg the ad was so annoying…

  19. Tom
    14 Feb 13
    2:36 pm

  20. Conan O’Brien look-alike at 0.11

  21. LM
    14 Feb 13
    4:36 pm

  22. Excruciatingly annoying inane ad. There is no way I will buy this product. What is wrong with these advertising people???? Is this the best they can come up with????

  23. Observer
    14 Feb 13
    9:27 pm

  24. Puerile, infantile, childish and just plain stupid doesn’t even begin to describe this ad.
    Who would want to buy insurance from a company which resorts to type of advertising format. This ad certainly wouldn’t make a person feel confident they were dealing with a professional company when it came to making a claim on their policy

  25. Deena
    16 Feb 13
    7:35 pm

  26. Don’t mind the ad but what is the name of the original song and who sang it?

  27. Kristina
    17 Feb 13
    9:44 pm

  28. Coles/Westfarmers what a joke!
    Another CRAP ad!

  29. debbie
    17 Feb 13
    9:59 pm

  30. the song is Tommy Steele singing Little White Bull

  31. Bill
    18 Feb 13
    11:41 am

  32. The Little Red Quote tune was originally performed as “Little White Bull” by Tommy Steele in the 1959 film “Tommy The Toreador”. It was written by actor/songwriter Mike Pratt and was targetted at children. Not sure how many in that age group will be buying car insurance. This ad confirms my view that Woolies is the place to go for my fruit loops and Teddy Bear biscuits.

  33. Chris
    18 Feb 13
    9:56 pm

  34. What are we two year old?? The second most annoying ad I wouldn’t buy this product if they were giving it away free. The only ad words is there red hand. Made me change to Woolworths.

  35. CJ
    19 Feb 13
    11:35 am

  36. Like a previous comment, I guessed too that it was based on Little White Bull. Some of the most inane songs are very memorable, they brought back Happy Little Vegemite, didn’t they? So, I’m guessing maybe Coles is expecting baby boomers to recall the song or Tommy Steele and since it’s familiar keep it in their heads and perhaps venture forth to check out a quote with Coles.

  37. pinki
    2 Mar 13
    4:19 pm

  38. Well,I like this add,it prompted me to get a quote,it was at least $160 cheaper than the other 5 larger insurance companies,and I insured my little red Suzuki with Coles yesterday.So Coles have another little red car to add to their collection.

  39. Observer
    2 Mar 13
    7:21 pm

  40. pinki, your post reads like it was written by someone working for Coles’s Advertising company.

  41. pinki
    3 Mar 13
    3:06 pm

  42. Hi Observer,I have never had any association with Coles’s advertising company,actually I worked for GIO motor vehicle insurance for 17 years,I understand motor vehicle underwriting,and Coles Car Insurance offers all the same benefits as the other big insurance companies,I obtained 8 online quotes,and Coles came up trumps!

  43. Observer
    3 Mar 13
    7:53 pm

  44. Well we only have your word for what you claim pinkie, and given we can’t verify in any way what you claim. I’ll stick with my original observation that your post sure reads exactly like what some advertising copy writer would write and especially so, given that it is being posted some time after the ad was launched and that the ad hasn’t generated the positive reception Coles has hoped for. It’s exactly the sort of thing ad agencies do when one of their ad campaigns gets exactly the sort of reaction this ad is getting.

  45. pinki
    3 Mar 13
    10:08 pm

  46. Hi Observer, I am really flattered that you think I am from advertising agency.I am just someone whos car insurance policy falls due on 31/3/2013,Coles add caught my eye,I did the online quotes with AAMI NRMA GIO QBE BUDGET DODO YOUI & APIA..All of these Insurance companies were hundreds of dollars dearer,if I hadnt seen the Coles catchy add I would have paid so much more.(By the way I own a liitle red car!!!)

  47. CJ
    4 Mar 13
    6:44 am

  48. Actually, Observer you CAN verify what Pinkie is saying by calling for a “little red quote”. Since it’s a quote, I would imagine, there’s no obligation.. So either do that or not, but in either case you should move on because your diatribe is starting to wear thin.

  49. pinki
    4 Mar 13
    9:17 am

  50. Hi Observer,have you obtained the quotes yet? to verify what I have said and you dispute,just trying to save you a bit of cash!

  51. Observer
    4 Mar 13
    11:23 am

  52. Sorry CJ, not going to “move on” because you happen to think my questioning of “pinkies” claim is a “diatribe”. This is a public forum and whether you like it or not, I have every right to express my opinion and/or question any claims others might make on it, as I see fit to do so. If you don’t like me doing so then perhaps it is you who should “move on”.

    pinkie, you know full well because of the nature of forums such as these that what you claim cannot in any way be verified. If as you say, you worked in the insurance industry, you would know that premium amounts quoted by insurance companies are based on the individual’s circumstance ie their age, where they live, the vehicle they drive, their driving record, their claim record. What quote one individual might receive may well be entirely different to that received by another individual.

  53. Wendy
    4 Mar 13
    12:01 pm

  54. I found the ad cute, and the insurance competitive…

  55. pinki
    4 Mar 13
    12:41 pm

  56. Hello Observer, I am fully aware of underwriting guidelines having worked in new policy area through to litigation area of uninsured motorists,I suggest anyone who gets their renewal out to check out Coles Insurance for a quote regardless of age,driving experience,and area and let them be the judge.I just hope that this information will save some people heaps like it has saved me.

  57. timmy
    6 Mar 13
    10:56 am

  58. Just give it up Observer. All Pinki is doing is saying that he/she has found Coles little red quote useful and saved some cash. No big deal at all.

    Yes you are entitled to your own opinions and expressions, but it doesn’t have to be so long- winded. Just forget it. Move on. Not a big deal.


  59. pinki
    6 Mar 13
    2:15 pm

  60. Thanks Timmy,by the way I am a “gal” !!!