CommBank enters record books with G’Day stunt to welcome Aussie Olympians to London

In a stunt in the run-up to the 2012 Olympic Games, CommBank has entered the Guinness Book of records for the “Most People Wearing The Same Full Team Kit”.

On South London’s Clapham Common, 935 Australians gathered to form the word G’Day while wearing Australia’s gold colours to welcome the Olympic team to the British capital.

The crowd was able to log onto Facebook after the event, zoom in and tag themselves in the picture.

CommBank CMO Andy Lark said in a statement: “We wanted to organise something that would give Aussies in London the chance to get behind our national team. Commonwealth Bank has been supporting Australian sport for decades and it’s our job to let the team know that we, and the entire nation, are behind them. Hopefully this record is the start of things to come for Australia this summer.”

The stunt was arranged by M&C Saatchi.

As part of its Olympics experiential effort, CommBank has dressed up characters featured in its ads as letters to spell the word ‘Can’. According to bystanders, Aussies were asked to chant the words, ‘Australia can!’

Hat-tip: Mumbrella’s London correspondent Alice Terlikowski.


  1. HerecometheOlympics
    26 Jul 12
    12:41 pm

  2. If only they knew you could only tag 50 people maximum in a photo on Facebook.

  3. Old
    26 Jul 12
    1:02 pm

  4. Facebook got sick of brands taking large photos and having people tag them so u can only tag 50 now

  5. Nev Hackett
    26 Jul 12
    1:39 pm

  6. Makes me nostalgic for the 2000 Westpac ads.

  7. Annabel
    26 Jul 12
    1:54 pm

  8. Just had a look on CBA FB page and the photo is no-where to be found?

    Any ideas?

  9. Anonymous
    26 Jul 12
    2:10 pm

  10. Did they know of the 50 tag limit before execution? If not, what balls up. If they did, what a balls up.

  11. HCTO
    26 Jul 12
    3:07 pm

  12. Seems like a lot of negative sentiment on their Facebook wall regarding this stunt, with many saying that thousands of people were being turned away as they only had a 1000 capacity limit on the ground. Fail invite perhaps?

  13. Jer
    26 Jul 12
    5:39 pm

  14. I was there and it was the biggest bogan convention I’ve ever seen! Made me want to put on a pom accent to distance myself from them!

  15. Anon
    27 Jul 12
    1:47 am

  16. @jer – my sentiments exactly!