Commercial Radio Australia encourages audiences to buy their mum a digital radio this Mother’s Day

Mumbrella Release - ImageCommercial Radio Australia has partnered up with digital radio manufacturer Pure and retailers Harvey Norman, JB Hi-Fi and Dick Smith to encourage audiences to purchase a digital radio for their mums for Mother’s Day.

Created by radio specialist agency Eardrum, the campaign aims to help out those who don’t “speak mother” and translates what mum really means when she says “darling just make me something for Mother’s Day”.

The four 30 second radio ads promote digital radios as the perfect gift and the retailer’s special offer of a free Dr Lewinn skincare pack when one of three selected Pure digital radios are purchased.

Commercial Radio Australia chief executive officer Joan Warner said: “Digital radio uptake continues to rise and Mother’s Day has proved a popular period for purchase. Support from stations, manufacturers, retailers and listeners have seen digital radio sales defy retail trends in the last four years.”

On air from April 21, the four radio ads will be on high rotation for three weeks across 42 commercial radio stations in the five digital radio metropolitan markets of Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane, Adelaide and Perth and will be supported by online banners.

It follows on from a similar Christmas campaign which saw Commercial Radio Australia team up with Sony to encourage radio listeners to purchase a digital radio.


  1. Rrrosco
    17 Apr 14
    1:17 pm

  2. Wouldn’t it be nice if DAB+ radios actually worked?
    There are many parts of Sydney where they are a nice, but silent, paperweight (I speak from experience – try a lot of the northern beaches and eastern suburbs!).
    And don’t even think of taking your shiny new digital radio with you on holidays to anywhere except major metro (ie state capital) areas.
    With all the promotion of DAB+, I find them about as effective as stereo AM.

  3. Stewart
    17 Apr 14
    5:25 pm

  4. Or, maybe you could buy your mum a nice Internet radio receiver so she won’t be subject to the same usual gunk and Coles radio. Nothing beats the Tivoli Internet radio –

  5. Aussie_Austridge
    17 Apr 14
    5:27 pm

  6. Let’s hope it is a lot better than their woeful Christmas campaign. I still have nightmares after hearing that girl yelling “Die, Die, Die!”

  7. Listener
    17 Apr 14
    8:30 pm

  8. I think its fantastic most people are buying DAB+ radios but Commercial Radio Australia and the govt. have been very slow in expanding the network. DAB+ so far in all the capital cities except Hobart, and nothing for regional cities. It’s been like that for the last two years. Very slow take-up by the broadcasters. Also many of the music stations broadcast at 56kbs not at a standard 128kbs, like overseas DAB+ stations, so the sound quality here is piss poor.

  9. john
    22 Apr 14
    2:59 pm

  10. Why do many digital radios only have one loudspeaker ?

    Isn’t DAB+ about better sound quality ? Is it still the 1930s ?