launches in Australia with animated campaign

Comparison website has launched in the Australian car insurance market, promoting itself with an animated campaign highlighting how the website works.

Created by animators The Magnificent Itch, the ad sees a cartoon man – ‘Colin Compare’ – navigating his way around the website.

Natalie Ball, director, said: “We are entering a competitive market with big players that plough through vast sums of money advertising their brands and needed to be clever about our marketing.

“When you tell a story visually, people remember it. Animation is a great way of explaining how things work and was the perfect choice for Compare Insurance to demonstrate their services to customers.”

The ad features a cartoon man using a virtual reality wall to select deals. Last June competitor iSelect used a similar effect to sell its ‘June hurty’ campaign featuring Mr iSelect:


  • Directors: Guy Jamieson and Stefan Wernik
  • Producer: Lisa Madden
  • Modelling and Rigging – Jordan McInnes
  • Animation – David Parle and Matt Diks
  • Modelling: Tristan Lock
  • Music – Stephen Frost


  1. LCDtv
    5 Aug 14
    12:39 pm

  2. Great to see some nice ‘hand drawn’ animation again.

  3. Becky
    5 Aug 14
    2:30 pm

  4. Catchy tune I like it!

  5. TR
    5 Aug 14
    4:59 pm

  6. Punchy and no doubt good value. Its pretty impressive what the animation guys can do with limited budgets.

  7. Limited...
    6 Aug 14
    3:51 pm

  8. They mention they have a limited budget, yet a quick who is search on the domain shows – owns the domain and is a tech contact. If you know 1Cover who owns the business they are not exactly short on money. I mean nice try acting like they are independent and short and short on money, yet with some simple research it is simply not the case.

  9. Jingle
    9 Aug 14
    12:00 pm

  10. It’s as easy and can be to the find the right policy, at……Compaaaaarrrrreee Insurance. Love a good jingle

  11. Jo
    11 Aug 14
    7:14 am

  12. Great to see serious competition to Iselect,,, and they compare much more types of insurance by the look of it. Still I think real people and high production values work better and last years Iselect comparison ads were pretty amazing stuff not the de tacks stuff they just did