Deborah Cameron exits ABC

Deborah Cameron, a radio show host on ABC Sydney 702, is leaving the ABC, The Australian is reporting.

ABC’s local content manager Andy Henley said the show needed to be refreshed and the search was on for a replacement, according to the story.

Henley was quoted as saying: “Deborah has been a valued member of the 702 team over the past four years, growing a loyal audience in the Mornings timeslot. We are deeply appreciative of the significant contribution Deborah has made to the station and wish her all the best for her future career. We feel it is time for the program to be refreshed and will be announcing a new presenter for the Mornings program in due course.”

The ABC had not returned Mumbrella’s calls at press time.


  1. Dan German
    4 Nov 11
    11:04 pm

  2. I can’t believe she’s lasted this long. Hopeless interviewer, doesn’t ask the obvious follow up question, can’t find callers. No rhythm, no feel, no connection.

  3. danny boye
    5 Nov 11
    4:41 pm

  4. I have never listened to her. But she has good credentials being a trained journalist. Apparently having regard to the unwritten rule, that is all you need to be radio announcer, or broadcaster these days. She may have hidden talents, like calling the NRL, Rugby and horse and dog racing. She has worked at the ABC for a long time, and has done overseas correspondence work.The ABC is renowned for its ‘balance’. Therefore, having regard to the current Neilson polls, she might want to knock on the doors of radio 2GB, and ask the Macquarie Network or Habourside Radio Pty Ltd, ( having regard to the its list of regal shareholders), and ask/request/submit/otherwise demand ,an auditon for the afternoon drive-time slot. You know 3pm to 6pm ( weekdays), it appears to free-wheeling, viz. no traction, no inroads, no impact, no nothing. It (the show) is lacking the killer, diller, punch. Who knows maybe a women’s touch MAY make the world of difference, as to impact., and therefore replete 2GB with its 14%+ average for the 10 to 60 year age groups.

    I can only wish Mrs Deborah Cameron, all the best, she has taken the ‘sword’ between the third and fourth rib, so majestically and diplomatically, truly a lady of substance, from my view of how the ‘situation’ has panned out, over there.

  5. Anon
    6 Nov 11
    8:42 am

  6. Is that Pippa from Home and Away?

  7. well
    7 Nov 11
    7:55 am

  8. I thought she was pretty good. Hard to neat Sally though, I loved listening to her, smart with a sexy voice.

  9. Carol
    7 Nov 11
    10:47 am

  10. Deborah’s mistake was to question Tony Abbott’s lack of policies and substance. Doesn’t seem to sit well with the unbiased??? ABC these days.

  11. danny boye
    7 Nov 11
    1:01 pm

  12. No! I am not Pippa from Home & Away.

    But, I am the ‘best-boye’ currently on set and servicing ‘ The Slap’.

  13. AR
    7 Nov 11
    9:03 pm

  14. I really warmed to Deborah over the last few years. I hope management can find someone with Deborah’s warmth and curiosity about the world, Virginia Triloli’s interview skills and Sally Loane’s wonderful voice and rapport with guests.

  15. Raymondo
    9 Nov 11
    6:22 pm

  16. .

    So, the ‘conservatives’ have won a small patch again. How they repetitively reflect the ‘dumbing down’ of media is unbelievable! Ever listen briefly to the ‘commercial’ alternatievs ?? ~~~ And so Deb falls to their cokkective dumbness.

    OK… so I guess I’m one of the ‘codgers’ around this neck of the woods. I was “Perdix6” with the Argonauts at the closing of WW2 !…… Yeah, ‘just’ an ABC program-of-the-time, I suppose. They come and go !

    Somehow the relative ‘intelligence’ of the ABC challenged me, even then, to ‘stick with ’em’… even become ‘rusted on’, I guess.

    Therefore, I have some long processed qualification to say that Deb has been One of the Best !

    It’s probably too late for the ABC dumbells to have a rethink about Deb’s contract. Conservatives rarely are ‘wise generals’, anyway.

    Deb… _I_ have enjoyed your morning program immensely. Thank you. It’s been sparkling kaleidoscope of.ideas, personalities and ideas.

    I wish you the very best.