Dicko departs Can of Worms

Ian ‘Dicko’ Dickson won’t stay as host of Ten’s Can of Worms for the next series in a move he is characterising as firing himself.

While the network has given the green light for a season two in 2012, Dickson, who created the show, said in a statement: “I’m giving myself no alternative but to sack me as host of the show.”

However, Dickson will remain co-executive producer on the show alongside Andrew Denton for production company Zapruder’s Other Films.  

Can of Worms was Dickson’s plan to “get Australia talking” and encourage “heated family debates about racism, euthanasia, swearing and boobs!”

Dickson said his plans for series two would be better achieved if the show got a better host.

Dickson said of his sacking: “I do of course thank myself for the efforts I have made in series one and indeed I wish me all the best in my future endeavours. I also feel certain that in this small but intriguing industry we work in, our paths will surely cross again. Farewell and adieu Silver Fox, It`s been swell, but alas, it has gone down.”

Andrew Denton said: “Hard to believe that someone as handsome and silver-haired as Dicko wants to step aside as host of his own show but we respect his decision. His original idea, to get Australia talking, has clearly taken seed. Dicko will remain a part of the team and we look forward to working with him, in association with Watercooler Media, on the next series.”

David Mott, chief programming officer for Network Ten said: “There are not many people who knock back the opportunity to host their own show but Dicko has never been predictable and we love him for that. We’re thrilled he’ll still have his hand on the steering wheel for season two and look forward to seeing what Zapruder and Watercooler Media have in store for us.”


  1. Ron Jeremy
    20 Dec 11
    4:35 pm

  2. Brave move.
    Didn’t think he was as bad as what I imagined he would be!

  3. Betty
    20 Dec 11
    8:00 pm

  4. good move

    the concept was great, but dicko wasn’t the right host

  5. Damien
    21 Dec 11
    7:53 am

  6. Put Meshel Laurie in the host chair

  7. Blue
    22 Dec 11
    12:39 pm

  8. Good move. A good idea, but blimey some of the issues went round in circles and dragged on a bit too much! A better host would make a decent programme into a good one.

    Yam can’t boit listnin to a Brummoi accent thaw!