Domain campaign targets the sellers

Fairfax Media’s property listing site Domain has launched a new campaign created by Whybin\TBWA\Tequila aimed at recruiting home vendors.

The premise of the campaign is that if a house isn’t listed on, it’s invisible.

The campaign will run on Nine, Ten and pay TV along with online and printsupport across Fairfax Digital and Fairfax Media titles.


  1. Sarah L
    6 Oct 10
    2:12 pm

  2. What song is featured in this ad?

    So wasn’t expecting the ending, like the feeling it creates when he is running – not a bad ad at all! Way better than box rubbish one from that was pathetic.

  3. Kerrie
    6 Oct 10
    2:52 pm

  4. COG – Run (great Sydney based band)

  5. nm
    6 Oct 10
    2:53 pm

  6. called Run, band is called COG

  7. Phil
    6 Oct 10
    2:54 pm

  8. The band is called ‘Cog’ and the song is called ‘Run’. I’m big fan of theirs. Quite suprised they were willing to use the track in this context.

  9. Beth
    6 Oct 10
    2:56 pm

  10. The song in the ad is Run by the Aussie band Cog.

  11. Dave
    6 Oct 10
    4:00 pm

  12. I think the song is called Run but a band called COG. They’re a great band from Sydney.

  13. COG's Manager
    6 Oct 10
    4:21 pm

  14. COG are the best band I’ve seen lately. Sorry … gotta Run.

  15. Sarah L
    6 Oct 10
    6:49 pm

  16. @Kerrie – thank-you. and thank-you to the rest. Good song.