Domino’s Pizza account up for grabs

Australia’s largest pizza brand – Domino’s Pizza – will pitch out its advertising account early in 2011, Mumbrella can reveal.

Campaign Palace – which is at the end of a three year contract with Domino’s – was told earlier this week. The agency will be invited to repitch if it wishes.  

Although Domino’s is Brisbane based, the $1m+ pitch is likely to include agencies from further afield. The last pitch for Domino’s was run by Peter McDonald of Agency Register. He could not be reached for comment this morning.

Also within the fast food sector, McDonald recently ran the pitch for Hungry Jack’s which went to Clemenger BBDO Sydney earlier this month.

Domino’s has 750 stories in Australia. it employs aroudn 16,000 people and delivers 60m pizzas a year.

The loss of the Domino’s Pizza account follows changes of management at The Campaign Palace earlier this year. National CEO Jacques Burger departed in July and Michelle Teague was brought in as MD of the Sydney office in September. It followed the return to the agency of Mark Mackay as executive chairman in June.

July saw the loss of client Origin Energy to DDB.

Asked whether the agency would repitch, Mackay told Mumbrella: “Of course we will. It’s been three very good years with Domino’s. Their business has grown and we’re very proud of what we’ve been able to offer them.”


  1. Courtney
    22 Dec 10
    11:18 am

  2. Dominos: let’s hear it, the pitch – take it away…

    Ad man 1 : Alright, we think we’ve nailed it with two words… tell ’em Don.

    Ad man 2: “It’s toasted”

  3. Dan
    22 Dec 10
    11:53 am

  4. Dominoe’s McDonald pitched for Hungry Jack’s after Burger left?

    I’m confused.

  5. Simon
    22 Dec 10
    12:51 pm

  6. @ Dan, totally! Actually wondered if the article was a pre-Xmas April fools joke…

  7. Groucho
    22 Dec 10
    2:06 pm

  8. last one out of the Palace turn off the lights on your way home please.

  9. Anonymous
    22 Dec 10
    2:39 pm

  10. I’ve done production with these guys and let me tell you (edited by Mumbrella for legal reasons)

  11. Anonymous
    22 Dec 10
    2:52 pm

  12. Grow your clients business, improve sales….lose the account. Harsh!

  13. Anonymous
    22 Dec 10
    5:36 pm

  14. Problem lies with clients marketing team from all I’ve heard. Hope they do an internal review at the same time if they hope to fix anything.

  15. sammy
    22 Dec 10
    6:24 pm

  16. Client’s dont usually ask for a pitch unless they’re not happy or as a bargaining chip.

  17. Anonymous
    22 Dec 10
    6:51 pm

  18. 3rd agency in 4 years under this marketing director.

  19. anon
    23 Dec 10
    11:46 am

  20. huge turnover at Cp ..alot of clients have left recently…

  21. Robert
    23 Dec 10
    1:22 pm

  22. I actually heard things at TCP were getting better under the new MD and they are in the mix for new accounts in 2011….I guess we will soon see.

  23. andy
    23 Dec 10
    1:28 pm

  24. Calling a pitch three days before Christmas, that’s the spirit!

  25. jim
    28 Dec 10
    10:15 pm

  26. Mail out more coupons