Mars rover ‘Curiosity’ features in Droga5 campaign for Qantas Frequent Flyer

Creative agency Droga5 has unveiled its first major campaign for Qantas featuring a replica of NASA’s Mars rover “Curiosity” to promote it’s frequent flyer program.

The 7ft, sedan-sized, 350kg explorer built by Yippee Ki-Yah in Sydney features in a cinema ad and two TV commercials featuring the voice of Australian actor Jack Thompson.. The campaign, which will begin to air in Sunday, will run for six weeks along with a print, digital, outdoor and social media campaign.

Curiosity will also rove in airport terminals, Qantas lounges and shopping centres from Brisbane to Sydney, Melbourne, Adelaide and Perth, and was at a launch event at Sydney’s Museum of Contemporary Art last night.

Qantas CuriosityThe ads feature Curiosity roving in the Mars-like landscape of the outback into Sydney before ‘she’ encounters Woolworths, David Jones and the Qantas Frequent Flyer program ‘for every journey’.

It’s the first major campaign since Qantas corporate affairs boss Olivia Wirth took on responsibility for marketing following the departure of Qantas marketing director Lewis Pullen.

Pullen appointed Droga5 a year ago.

Qantas Loyalty CEO Lesley Grant said: “The campaign tagline ‘For Every Journey’ highlights that members have hundreds of opportunities to earn points across every day activities from going to the supermarket to going on holidays. In other words, the program isn’t just about flying.”

Droga5 CEO Sudeep Gohil said securing permission from NASA was a creative coup.

“Being able to use such a likeable and unique personality has made this campaign something really different.

“Curiosity moves, she makes eye contact and she communicates in a way that seems very human. Her globally recognised role as the as the bold exploratory Mars rover means she is the ideal character for a campaign based around discovery, especially for a brand that is as contemporary as Qantas Frequent Flyer.”

Thompson said: “I found all the elements of this campaign attractive. The whole concept of the Qantas Frequent Flyer Journey, the iconic music and the clever use of the NASA Mars Rover. It was an easy decision for me to lend my voice, to help tell the story.”

Qantas Curiosity


  1. saywhat?
    14 Jun 13
    12:32 pm

  2. A really interesting choice to use the rover as a character, but ends up as just a gimmick when they fail to do anything interesting with it. The rover isn’t an idea on its own

  3. Danger Will Robinson
    14 Jun 13
    2:31 pm

  4. The average punter in the street will see this as a robot and not ‘the mars rover’. And if its roving through airports – travellers will think its a bomb disposal robot.
    **Sigh** ultimately, this only serves to demonstrate how devoid of humanity the Qantas brand has become.

  5. Blue
    14 Jun 13
    4:18 pm

  6. I suspect Qantas will be almost spinning off the FF programme as a separate loyalty programme, you can join and use it without even every flying anywhere. I guess that’s the point.

    Big tie-up with DJ’s later in the year I hear too.

    Nice to see Jonny Five is alive!

  7. Blutack
    14 Jun 13
    6:20 pm

  8. I’m disappointed they didn’t they didn’t go with , ‘You’re the reason we Fly Buy’.

  9. Freddy starr
    14 Jun 13
    8:42 pm

  10. Better than dumb ways to die, love drogas brilliant use of a bomb disposal robot… It’s as bomb to use points

  11. Abe
    15 Jun 13
    12:43 pm

  12. I thought I was watching Wall-E to start with!
    Great production values, but a surprising concept.