Durex delivers cybersex to the masses

Durex Australia has launched a campaign for what it calls the ‘future of foreplay’ with the company to release what it call ‘fundawear’ or fun underwear.

The campaign, created by Havas Worldwide Australia, is designed around the idea of allowing ‘touch to be transferred on the internet’.

A Youtube video of Australian couple “Nick and Dani” using the underwear has already garnered 70,000 views in just two days.

The campaign from the leading condom manufacturer Durex is built around the idea of ‘connecting when you’re apart’ and allows couples to use a mobile app to activate sensors on the underwear which simulate human touch.

Britain’s Daily Telegraph quotes Ben Moir, technical director of the project, who said: “After the laughter had stopped, we knew it was going to be an awesome project.”

“People will want this,” he added.

Durex is offering the chance for people to get their own ‘fundawear’ through its Facebook page.


Havas WW Australia Team:

Steve Coll, Executive Creative Director

Jack Nunn, Copywriter

Jay Morgan, Digital Creative Director

William Brown, Digital Art Director

Manuella Perche, Brand strategist/Group Account Director

Nicole Dongara, Brand strategist/Senior Account Manager

Chris Johnson, Creative Group Head

Warrick Nicholson, Creative Services Director

Jeronimo De Leon, Digital Project Director

Ros Payne, Senior TV Producer

Darren Cole, Head of Design

Nic Adamovich, Designer


Client and Brand:


Christopher Tedesco, Marketing director

Alix Russell, Category Manager

Kelly Benton, Brand Manager



Billie Whitehouse, Designer

Ben Moir, Tech Director – Snepo Technologies

Nick Hayden, Director – Finch

Debbie Cockle – Momentum

Kim McKay, Director – Klick

Margarita Peker, Community Manager – Klick

Zenith Optimedia

Frank PR

Nic Christensen 

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  1. Richard Moss
    19 Apr 13
    12:16 pm

  2. Well, I suppose this is the ultimate in both contraception and prophylactics, from the company which has been providing both for decades.

    If they carry on like this, brothels as we know them …… or as I have been told by those who claim to know them and I have no reason to doubt them :o)……. will be out of business in no time.

  3. Ew
    19 Apr 13
    2:18 pm

  4. Just ew. Intelligent condom ads allude to sex. This is just porn.

  5. Steve
    19 Apr 13
    2:27 pm

  6. Gave me a stiffy…

  7. Boner-fide
    19 Apr 13
    3:39 pm

  8. Sh*t up, and just take my money!

  9. Encyclic!
    19 Apr 13
    4:02 pm

  10. Mechatronic underwear, if there’s one place in the world I’d rather keep free of technology, it’d be there.

  11. Not bad
    19 Apr 13
    4:13 pm

  12. 300 K views now and counting … good job.

  13. nell schofield
    19 Apr 13
    5:41 pm

  14. nice PR stunt

  15. Tom
    20 Apr 13
    8:26 pm

  16. Fascinating that Durex have gone there… here’s where the future of sex might be going next: