Fairfax links all finance titles to create new business ad network

Fairfax Metro Media has created a network of its business titles, the Fairfax Business Network.

The creation of the network will allow advertisers to reach what the publisher claims is an audience of over 2m monthly readers with a single access point. The move to more closely integrate the previously standalone titles comes after Fairfax posted a loss of $2.7b last week.

The network includes The Australian Financial Review, BusinessDay, MySmallBusiness, BRW, Executive Style, Money, Smart Investor, Money Manager, Trading Room, InvestSmart and ASX.

The most recent circulation figures from the Audit Bureau of Circulation showed the although the Australian Financial Review recorded a drop in print sales, it was one of the smallest losses for a Fairfax title. The audience data from Nielsen Online Ratings indicates the audience across all titles is 2.2 monthly visitors. None of the titles are part of the ABC digital audit.

CEO of Fairfax Metro Media, Jack Matthews said in a press release: “The Fairfax Business Network has been created to give our advertisers one easy gateway to engage with our audience through multiple platforms, across our extensive portfolio of business and personal finance brands.”



  1. Alex
    27 Aug 12
    2:23 pm

  2. Fairfax have a habit of announcing ‘new’ networks when all it is are the same old sites they have always had, just being able to be bought through one contact. They did exactly the same with the ‘womens’ network. Is this the only positive news they can come up with? Actually….right now, it probably is!!!

  3. Cogito
    27 Aug 12
    6:39 pm

  4. Well well. So they now lump Afr in with business day and all that other crap. There goes the premium.

  5. Skeptic
    28 Aug 12
    9:03 am

  6. “The audience data from Nielsen Online Ratings indicates the audience across all titles is 2.2 monthly visitors.”

    Highly sceptical of these numbers. Do they mean unique IP address visits? Over what period, hourly, daily, monthly? Does it factor in dynamic IP addresses? Wireless device roaming? Are the incessant auto-refresh numbers added in or not added in?

    Sorry, but “2.2 million monthly visitors” sounds like complete bullshit to me and without a complete breakdown of how they reach such an improbable number I’m going to assume it is.

  7. Shamma
    28 Aug 12
    9:59 am

  8. yes it’s a rebadge of existing assets but it helps a lot with extremely literal media agency ppl who need things to be nice and simple.

    Finance + 2.2m monthly users + friendly FXJ rep = seems acceptable for my finance/high net worth client that I don’t really understand

  9. bill baggio
    28 Aug 12
    12:06 pm

  10. is this anything but an admission from fairfax that accessing a business audience previously with them was inefficient?

  11. Cogito
    28 Aug 12
    1:47 pm

  12. Bill baggio: they’re admitting instead that the niche is homogenous. It can only mean that the AFR premium value has eroded.