Fairfax Radio Network rolls out summer campaign to launch innaugural cricket broadcast

The Fairfax Radio Network is promoting its move into cricket coverage with a major advertising campaign created by Whybin\TBWA Sydney.

From December 9 the campaign will roll out across newspapers, magazines, mobile and digital channels, to draw attention to its national coverage of the ongoing Ashes series and the short-form Big Bash League.

Fairfax Radio Network Cricket campaign 2013Fairfax secured broadcast rights for the 2013/14 and 2016/17 cricket seasons last month and will broadcast international matches on 2UE Sydney, 3AW Melbourne, 4BC Brisbane and 6PR Perth.

Coverage will also be live streamed through a dedicated app from Cricket Australia.

Clarke Forbes, national content director for Fairfax Radio Network, said: “It will be the first time a commercial broadcaster calls the majority of the cricket and we want to ensure cricket fans know about our great summer cricket coverage across the network.”

The commentator line-up includes Ian Chappell, Dean Jones, Greg Blewett, Damien Fleming and Greg Matthews, alongside other experienced cricketers.

Director of sales for the network Nick Randall said Fairfax had invested in a “significant talent line-up” and “created a compelling destination for advertisers and listeners”.

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  1. Jason & Lissy
    6 Dec 13
    4:06 pm

  2. GReat move Fairfax Radio Network you will gain many new and younger Listeners in Melbourne to 3AW, Sydney to 2UE, Brisbane to 4BC & Perth to 6PR.

  3. Don Croft
    27 Dec 13
    4:12 pm

  4. I’m appalled at the commentary during the Ashes series – especially from the Fairfax Radio’s anchor, Tim Lane.
    Does he not understand basic tense ? ie. present & past.
    “He’s playing and missing, outside the off stump” Just now, “Smith is watching and leaving” He’s = he IS. Smith IS. To describe anything, a commentator must have seen it. Therefor, it has already happened.
    The younger comms are now copying this, clearly incorrect form of commentary.
    The ABC’s senior comm., Jim Maxwell is the main culprit, in this regard. After Harsha Bogle and other (particularly) Indian and West Indian comms, some years ago, were heard to describe plays in this way, he started copying it.
    I remember the late David Hookes being a guest in the ABC box and picking Maxwell up on it, with examples. The very next ball, Maxwell says, “McGill is bowling and (whoever the batsman was) is defending” Hookesy: “There. You just did it again!”