Fairfax shares fall to another low

Shares in Fairfax Media today hit an all time low with the company share price falling to 52.5c, giving the company a market capitalisation of $1.23bn.

Fairfax shares have fallen from 60c at the beginning of this month; 70c three months ago; 80c six months ago; 90c a year ago; $1.50 two years ago; $5 five years ago and $6 in 2000.


  1. Logic
    26 Jul 12
    2:21 pm

  2. This isn’t really a story – look at the volumes. if you want to know how a share price is really performing, look at prices when significant volumes are being moved.

    FXJ hasn’t been moved around in significant volumes since May 16 when it was at 65c

  3. Vonnegut
    26 Jul 12
    9:33 pm

  4. Logic has a point. There’s no trade. But that might well be because no one wants to own if except those who think there’s a liquidation game.