Fantastic Delites: how far would you go for taste?

In an ad launched today for Fantastic Delites, a man disguises himself as a woman as a rouse to commandeer the rice crackers at a ladies tea party. The cinematography was by Germain McMicking, who worked on the Australian Wilfred series.

The agency behind the ad was Clemenger BBDO Adelaide. It was directed by Roh Smith through Kojo. 

Head of sales and marketing Michael Neale said: “What we needed was an advertisement that provokes people to change their snacking habits and try Fantastic Delites. It needed to be a paradigm-changing advertisement. And a bloke in a dress in the middle of beautifully-filmed ladies’ party certainly breaks a few paradigms.”


  • Director: Roh Smith
  • Producer: Emily Green
  • DOP: Germain McMicking
  • Agency: Clemenger BBDO Adelaide
  • Creative Director: Geoff Robertson
  • Writer: Matt O’Grady
  • Agency Producer: Judi Oehme
  • Editor: Michael Houlahan
  • Sound: KOJO – Justin Astbury
  • Grade: KOJO – Mark McKenna


  1. Anonymous
    25 Sep 11
    7:53 pm

  2. Rouse?

    Surely you mean “ruse”.

  3. Anonymous
    26 Sep 11
    12:22 am

  4. This is a cute little spot, however, Michael Neale is sorely mistaken if he thinks this simple spot is paradigm shifting or will actually inspire anyone to actually change their behaviour.

    ..or perhaps the term paradigm shifting in Adelaide means, an ad where the proprietor of the business doesn’t write and star in their own ads?

  5. Anonymous
    26 Sep 11
    12:19 pm

  6. Hahaha – Paradigm shifting this ad is not, but great use of wank words in a media release, someone create an award for this kind of language in quotes.

    The ad is ok.

  7. Graham
    26 Sep 11
    2:10 pm

  8. Reminds me of a Sealord tvc made my Saatchi Auckland a couple of years back which had the lead male masquerading as a woman to get supermarket test samples more than once.

  9. I don't know
    3 Oct 11
    10:36 pm

  10. I never get jokes. Can someone explain to me why one has to wear a dress and attend a tea party in order to snack on the Delites?