Fashion and cuisine clash in MLA lamb spring campaign

"Two creative disciplines coming together in perfect harmony"

The temperamental worlds of fashion and cooking collide in BMF’s latest ad for Meat & Livestock Australia to celebrate the coming of lamb-eating season.

The ad features fashion designer Leona Edmiston and chef Ben O’Donoghue, who put together a recipe collection inspired by the latest spring fashion trends. At one point in the ad, called ‘Collamboration’, a fashionista recoils in horror at the sight of a chef wearing a pair of Crocs.

Andrew Cox, MLA’s marketing manager, said: “The fashion theme resonates with consumers during spring, a traditional peak in lamb supply. This campaign builds on the success of the fashion inspired spring lamb campaigns of previous years which delivered strong results.”

BMF’s joint ECDs Carlos Alija and Laura Sampedro added: “Bringing together a famous chef and fashion designer has been an exciting experience, proving that the collaboration of two creative disciplines is always fertile, unexpected and a little crazy too.”


  • Creative Agency: BMF
  • Client: Meat & Livestock Australia
  • Media Agency: UM
  • PR: Hausmann Communications


  1. EB
    19 Sep 12
    1:38 pm

  2. Vile. Maybe MLA should focus more on fixing the live exports scandals and less on frivolous ads.

  3. FPS
    19 Sep 12
    3:27 pm

  4. more lame than lamb (someone had to say it)

  5. RED (Who Mumbrella notices has a BMF IP address)
    19 Sep 12
    4:52 pm


  7. JPM
    19 Sep 12
    5:57 pm

  8. ‘Collamboration’?! That’s just as bad as KFC’s ‘Goodification’…

  9. fonzie
    19 Sep 12
    7:18 pm

  10. they’ve jumped the sheep

  11. Dean
    19 Sep 12
    7:20 pm

  12. It made me laugh. Nice execution guys.

  13. HA
    19 Sep 12
    9:20 pm

  14. I had the honour of being the Creative Director on the 16 page Booklet. Was a pleasure working with everyone.