Federal government launches census ad

In the same week as the Queensland government launched a campaign to explain the importance of taking part in the census to Queenslanders, the federal government has released a national ad for the same purpose.

Rather than focus on the negative outcome of not taking part, this ad – created by Leo Burnett Sydney – looks at how contributing will “light the way” for Australia.

The ad will also run in Queensland.


  • Clients: Paul Lowe – Census Program Head, ABS, Michelle Howe – Director, Census Public Relations, ABS
  • Director: Tim Denton
  • Production Company: iRobot
  • Photographer: Sean Izzard
  • Executive Creative Director: Andy DiLallo
  • Senior Art Director: Sharon Edmondston
  • Senior Copy Writer: Misha McDonald
  • Digital Creative Director: Kieran Ots
  • Group Account Director: Paul Everson
  • Account Directors: Claire Kesby-Smith & Libby Weston-Webb
    Account Manager: Neil Duncan
  • TV Producer: Margot Fitzpatrick
  • Planner: Warwick  Heathwood
  • Media: Universal McCann

BCM’s ad for the Queensland government that broke earlier today:


  1. Anonymous
    26 Jul 11
    7:28 pm

  2. I’m pretty sure that I saw the federal ad over the weekend, though?

  3. Me
    26 Jul 11
    9:37 pm

  4. You should also check out the Census Spotlight site where you’re taken through an interactive journey of Census data.

    When you’re finished, you can create and share your own personalised infographic!


  5. Anonymous
    27 Jul 11
    12:13 pm

  6. Looks remarkably similar to the Federal Election ‘glow’ ad concept.

  7. aktiongirl
    27 Jul 11
    12:28 pm

  8. think the BCM one is clever

  9. EWW
    27 Jul 11
    2:10 pm

  10. oh that’s terrible! how cliched, and the smiling person filling out his census form is cringe-worthy. meanwhile, the spotlight site is brilliant. more work like that please.

  11. Nat
    27 Jul 11
    4:20 pm

  12. The QLD one was running over the weekend, didnt break today.

  13. Jedi
    29 Jul 11
    7:36 am

  14. I look forward to filling in the census