Flash mobs – stretching the definition of stunned to breaking point

Flash mobs just won’t die.

Even Playboy Bunny flashmobs.

And it’s time to start pointing the finger – at cretinous news reports that give the PR investment a return.

Or as the Herald Sun’s Angus Thompson puts it excitedly:

“Up to 100 dancers in black leotards and bunny ears previewed the decadent party at midday today when they stormed Federation Square for a “flashmob” performance.

“Stunned onlookers watched as the bunnies danced and gyrated for three minutes.”

Angus appears to have confused the word ‘stunned’ with ‘grim-faced’.


  1. Hugh
    30 May 12
    4:46 pm

  2. Outdated brand, outdated marketing tactic

  3. AdGrunt
    30 May 12
    4:52 pm

  4. There were children there. Will no-one think of the children?

  5. bob is a rabbit
    30 May 12
    4:56 pm

  6. Err – it’s not a flash mob if it’s an organised PR stunt. That’s simply, well, a PR stunt.

  7. Rhys
    30 May 12
    4:56 pm

  8. It’s not really a “flash” mob is it? You can see them all standing around wearing bunny ears anyway. It’s supposed to be surprising, not completely and utterly predictable…

  9. Lants
    30 May 12
    5:05 pm

  10. The ‘flash mob’ has to be the bystanders eye-rolling in unison.

  11. Lants
    30 May 12
    5:09 pm

  12. ..and in other news, Kittens just closed down two locations in inner Melbourne.

  13. A bloke
    30 May 12
    5:17 pm

  14. Please STOP these type of activities it has become a cliche.

    In other news king street was a ghost town today…..

  15. oh fer fks sake
    30 May 12
    5:56 pm

  16. that’s not a flash mob.
    Someone elevate the information providors with up to date information, please.

  17. willemrt
    30 May 12
    7:23 pm

  18. “And it’s time to start pointing the finger – at cretinous news reports that give the PR investment a return.”

    Ohhh the irony.. the irony.. it hurts..

  19. David
    31 May 12
    12:56 pm

  20. What an outrage!

    Only 3 minutes?


  21. Archie
    31 May 12
    2:56 pm

  22. Why the bitterness? Get over yourselves.

    It’s just a staged, titilating public performance than no doubt had a great ROI compared to advertising

  23. jean cave
    1 Jun 12
    4:13 am

  24. pedants of costume design history snort derisively at these pathetic attempts . . where is the whalebone? . . where are the fishnet tights? . . big hair? . . breast shaped breasts ?

  25. jean cave
    1 Jun 12
    4:18 am

  26. and they forgot the little bow-ties as well . . . pathetic.

  27. AdGrunt
    1 Jun 12
    9:30 am

  28. Moreover Jean, the iconic white bunny tail, collar and cuffs are all missing.

    Slipping standards. Pffft.

  29. Offal Spokesperson
    1 Jun 12
    11:23 am

  30. Join my new “thing”, its to be called a “flashflog”… i am going to organise a number of people to appear wherever shit flashmobs congregate…and we are going to steal the clothes they have dumped and give them to the homeless.

    If you watch to 3.30 in the clip (yes if you survive that long), you will see the first of our team at work in the right corner.

    Join me – FlashFloggers

  31. Rushdie
    1 Jun 12
    12:24 pm

  32. They’re playboy bunnies people! What’s wrong with you all?