Former News International boss and husband arrested on suspicion of attempting to pervert course of justice

British police have made another six arrests as part of their investigation into newspaper phone hacking. Among those arrested – on suspicion of conspiracy to pervert the course of justice – was former Sun editor and News International CEO Rebekah Brooks and her husband Charlie.

It is the third time Brooks has been arrested. She is also on bail after being arrested on suspicion of conspiring to intercept communications and also under the linked inquiry into police corruption.

After Rebekah Brooks’ previous arrest, the British media reported on a curious incident involving Charlie Brooks and a laptop left in a bin in a car park near the couple’s home.

The security director of News International is also reported to have been arrested. News International is the British newspaper arm of News Corp which also owns News Limited in Australia. The company publishes The Times, Sunday Times, Sun and Sunday Sun, which launched after the closure of the News of the World as a result of the phone hacking scandal.


  1. gavin
    14 Mar 12
    10:07 am

  2. Actually News International’s new Sunday tabloid is called the Sun on Sunday, not the Sunday Sun. There is an existing title of that name (the Sunday version of the Newcastle Chronicle) that circulates in north-east England which prevented News Int using the same name for their title. (Similar to the Sunday Mail, which is the Sunday version of the Daily Record. The Sunday version of the Daily Mail is called the Mail on Sunday.)

  3. jean cave
    14 Mar 12
    11:03 am

  4. Anton Koekemoer
    14 Mar 12
    7:19 pm

  5. Oh , Yes….. Many people don’t realize the possible holes in their IT security infrastructure , and how many people there is out there willing to exploit such holes just to earn a little money. (well for news information , they’re probably earning a load of money if they are successful in providing viable information before your competitors can get it)