GetUp! seeks to crowd fund airtime for supermarkets pokies attack ad

Campaign group GetUp! is seeking crowd funding to broadcast an anti-pokies ad focusing on the role of supermarket giants Coles and Woolworths.

GetUp! has launched an appeal page and is asking donors to give $50 or more to get the poker reform ad on air.


  1. big ears.
    3 May 12
    8:58 am

  2. Great stat, worth spreading.

  3. Hoin
    3 May 12
    9:54 am

  4. Get Up? Get lost!

  5. Gezza
    3 May 12
    10:38 am

  6. Where do they own these pokies? Do they own hotels or clubs? Needs substantiation to be effective.

  7. Graham
    3 May 12
    12:34 pm

  8. Get Up! is a George Soros stooge. Run from this crowd of deceptive thieves and manipulators.

  9. paul the freelance writer
    3 May 12
    12:40 pm

  10. Not too many roulette wheels in Coles or Woolies last time I looked. Misleading statistics bordering on lies. Typical of GetUp! with its army of useful idiots posing as a ‘people’s movement’.

    Moreover, to even suggest that that commercial could get past lawyers and anywhere near a television screen is a fantasy, rendering the organisation’s request for a $50 sling virtual theft.

  11. bandit
    3 May 12
    1:17 pm

  12. Give me facts and details or bugger off. This is insulting and the ad is annoying.

  13. Kathryn
    3 May 12
    2:00 pm

  14. If there’s any truth to it, I’d certainly like to know more. And if it’s correct, then thank you Get Up for exposing it (although judging from the posts here it seems there are cynics aplenty).

  15. Pinocchio 2
    3 May 12
    2:24 pm

  16. Bandit are you for real – you want a 30 second ad to list all the facts and details, like all the other TVCs in the world?

  17. Pinocchio 2
    3 May 12
    2:24 pm

  18. Sorry …50 :)

  19. Mario
    3 May 12
    3:31 pm

  20. Woolies and Coles own the all those pokies by virtue of the number of pubs they own. Bought to acquire the bottle shops.

  21. bandit
    3 May 12
    3:34 pm

  22. @Pinocchio 2. Yes. They wasted so much time with that stupid pokies device that they wasted any opportunity to make a real statement. The consumer is not getting frisked at the checkout which is what the ad implies.
    Had they instead given me a why/how/what they are on about, I could have been up in arms about it.
    They used something irrelevant and annoying to show something potentially important. Possibly, who knows, that ad told me nothing except that someone somewhere has a beef with Coles/Woolies and that supermarkets may in someway be involved with pokies???

  23. michael
    3 May 12
    3:43 pm

  24. it’s a few years old, but here’s a relevant hungry beast piece on coles and woolies market dominance which delves a little in to pokies ownership.

  25. Archie
    3 May 12
    3:49 pm

  26. More brilliance from getup, enough to flush out the AHA astroturfers

    Go back to the rocks from under whence you crawled, sock puppets!

  27. Carole Goldsmith
    3 May 12
    4:30 pm

  28. Good on You Get Up letting people know that the big supermarkets are not just ripping off families with their very high food prices, they are trying to get more money with their pokies. Time that shareholders of the two companies started asking Q at shareholder meetings of the two retailers.

  29. Notmyrealname
    3 May 12
    6:25 pm

  30. Confirms my impression of GetUp! as a bunch of sanctimonious wowsers who think their world view so superior to that of the wrong-thinking smelly masses. I suspect it’s not pokies they hate, but the people who play them. People they’d consider too dim to make “informed” decisions on their discretionary spending, their dietary habits and their choice whether or not to smoke, and so need to be patronisingly guided by more enlightened folk. Penny Wong will love this. ’nuff said.

  31. Davo
    3 May 12
    6:40 pm

  32. George Soros is a great guy – stop dissing him with this sort of Andrew Bolt/ Fox news type crap

  33. Carole Goldsmith
    3 May 12
    7:31 pm

  34. At least Get Up is doing something about the pokies that are ruining people’s lives.Not My Real Name – do you have any idea how many people follow and support Get Up – a lot more than you would imagine…Get a life.

  35. Carole Goldsmith
    3 May 12
    7:33 pm

  36. I for one am certainly going to be asking WW about their Pokies at the next AGM and before that too…..spending shareholders money on Pokies when they should be planting trees like Retail companies and shopping centres in Japan.

  37. Archie
    3 May 12
    8:30 pm

  38. Notmyrealname is an AHA hack who got lost on the way to The Punch

  39. Archie
    3 May 12
    8:37 pm

  40. Really beggars belief how you paid AHA shills sleep at night, turning a blind eye to the damage deliberately addictive poker machines inflict on innocent families, especially children

    Maybe if you swatted up on the insidious techniques used by their makers and owners to activate and entrench addictive playing you’d think twice before selling your morality so cheaply

  41. Steve
    4 May 12
    7:55 am

  42. Do they give the money back to contributors if they don’t make enough to get it on tv?

  43. michael
    4 May 12
    9:40 am

  44. @Carole Goldsmith – how could you hold shares in a company and not be aware of their interests? You accuse them of ‘spending money’ on pokies. Are you insane? Those pokies are making you money. What exactly are you going to ask them at their AGM? If you don’t like what they’re doing, sell your shares.

  45. Carole Goldsmith
    4 May 12
    11:09 am

  46. Michael, obviously WW has not been very vocal about the pokies ownership otherwise I would have known about it.

  47. michael
    4 May 12
    12:12 pm

  48. Carole,

    The only reason a business is ‘vocal’ publicly is to advertise to it’s customers, in order to make money. They are ‘vocal’ to shareholders through discrete channels. Each annual report clearly lists their gaming and hotel interests.

    Do a little F on “gaming” in the 2011 annual report. http://www.woolworthslimited.c.....ortsannual
    Whatever the hell your question is to them, they are just going to point out how they have ‘responsible’ practices on gaming.

    As a shareholder, you’d know that Woolies are struggling with sales profits at the moment. With the supermarket price war, the hotels & poker machines which Woolies own are a valuable asset to the business… (profits are up 4.6% in that sector) There is no way they’re losing any pokie licenses soon.. whatever your question to them.

  49. Notmyrealname
    4 May 12
    3:25 pm

  50. @Carole Goldsmith

    You clearly miss the irony in your statement: “At least Get Up is doing something about the pokies that are ruining people’s lives”. That’s exactly my point. No matter how many credulous (albeit well meaning) folk they’ve attracted, who the hell are “Get Up!” to tell the rest of us how we should live? Read some Orwell.