Greenpeace attacks ANZ with ‘greenwashing’ claims

Greenpeace has launched a campaign against ANZ bank, which the NGO labels a “greenwasher”. In the ad, Greenpeace accuses ANZ of being “the biggest financier of polluting coal power in Australia” and of bragging about its efforts to go green.

“Despite boasting about their sustainability awards, ANZ is the biggest financer of pollution in Australia. Their hypocrisy is striking in light of the damage its choice of investments is doing to the environment and people’s health,” said Greenpeace campaigner Trish Harrup.

Greenpeace has been directly targeting ANZ at and around the bank’s headquarters in Melbourne with advertising subverting the ANZ advertising strapline. “We live your world” has been changed to “We pollute your world.”

James Lorenz, media and communications manager, Greenpeace Australia/Pacific, told Mumbrella that there are no plans to target ANZ’s advertising agency partners, which it has done with other brand targets in the UK. “But that’s not a bad idea,” he said.

Greenpeace ad credits:

  • Agency: Republic Vision
  • Executive director: Piers Grove
  • Creative director: Charles Firth


  1. Ben
    7 Apr 11
    11:01 am

  2. Tacky in parts, this ad looks like something submitted for a year 10 media assignment. The execution is terrible and I’m a little bit embarrassed for the agency. 1 star

  3. Tony Richardson
    7 Apr 11
    1:03 pm

  4. Ok I’m kind of intrigued … but also a bit confused.

    How is ANZ responsible for all this bad stuff?

    Is ‘Financing’ their crime? If so, isn’t that what banks do?

  5. Tim
    7 Apr 11
    1:59 pm

  6. No Tony it’s not, unless they’re also saying they’re committed to a clean and green Australia.

  7. Craig
    7 Apr 11
    4:14 pm

  8. Another “ad” that only gets a run on industry websites.
    If they found a clever way to get people to see it, then it would be worth a story….

  9. Bucks
    7 Apr 11
    5:10 pm

  10. @ Ben, re the quailty of the ad, Spot on.

    A bank doing something unscroupulous (sp?), who’d have thought?

  11. Peter
    7 Apr 11
    5:56 pm

  12. Rubbish, low rent ad devoid of creative ideas.

  13. Sam G
    8 Apr 11
    7:16 am

  14. This ad is kind of ironic, in that CD Charles Firth’s sister – Verity Firth – just lost her ALP seat of Balmain to the Greens in the NSW State Election.

    Firth – aka the one from the Chaser who never made it to War On Everything – is a third-rate creative hack from the looney left.

    Which is a shame.. Firth Factor on CNNNN was pretty funny 8-9 years ago.

  15. Tyson C
    8 Apr 11
    4:46 pm

  16. Come on now guys, you’re really THAT surprised by the evil intentions of financiers? The 3rd Reich wasn’t funded by Hitler’s personal wealth….

  17. Melanie
    3 May 11
    1:54 pm

  18. Suck up to the enviro nuts and they attack you. Best to forget about Green credentials and stay under the limelight.

  19. Melanie
    3 May 11
    1:56 pm

  20. @ 9 Melanie – I meant ..under the radar or out of the limelight

  21. NOCO2TAX
    3 May 11
    3:40 pm


  23. NOCO2TAX
    3 May 11
    4:16 pm

  24. I bet members of Greenpeace drive cars, use electricity, go on plane trips, own ipods & computers. Do us a favor Green Peace & hold your breath & avoid Co2 emissions. ECOTARDS.