‘Hamish & Andy could read a phone book and it would rate’

If anybody doubted Ten’s fondness for comedy duo Hamish and Andy, programming boss David Mott put them right at the weekend.

He told Mediaweek’s podcast: “The boys could actually read a phone book and it could rate. In fact that’s our new show – it’s going out Sunday week.”


  1. Beaudacious
    3 May 10
    1:28 pm

  2. Would be better than the other drivel they show

  3. A
    4 May 10
    11:57 am

  4. Hmm, did Channel 7 not say something in the same vein for Cougar Town or whatever that show was called.

  5. Ben S
    7 May 10
    11:56 am

  6. No, A, they didn’t

  7. Lu
    10 May 10
    4:12 pm

  8. CHANNEL 7 boss David Leckie actually called Cougar Town a “shit show”.. Now theres a vote of confidence if ever i heard one.

  9. The Ear
    10 May 10
    5:07 pm

  10. Who is using phone books these days?