PR agency Frank creates Baywatch spoof for Aerogard

aerogard mossie watchReckitt Benckiser has turned from its usual creative agency Havas Worldwide to PR agency Frank to create an online video for Aerogard.

The video, which spoofs Baywatch, features members of Ten’s factual TV show Bondi Rescue dashing to help people under attack from mosquitoes.

The work was creatively led by Frank PR with production by Dangermouse Productions.

Titled The Mozzie Guards, the video coincides with a “reclaim the summer” campaign which will see David Hasselhoff lookalikes patroling popular Australia Day locations in Sydney, Melbourne and Brisbane with Aerogard.

See the ad:

Victoria Janchek, brand manager of Aeroguard said in a press release: “The Mozzie Guards will ensure mozzies don’t spoil the fun for anyone this Australia Day. We hope that the rescue service enables families to stay out in the outdoors well into the evening and truly enjoy the national day with the help of Aerogard’s long lasting protection.”

The Mozzie Guards are positioned in highly-concentrated mosquito areas, as indicated by the High Mozzie Index, launched last year by Aeroguard, similar to the UV Index.

Digital agency Holler and media agency ZO are also involved in the campaign.

A spokesperson for Frank PR said that the campaign is intended as a PR one and Havas Worldwide was not involved.


  1. Anon
    25 Jan 13
    12:52 pm

  2. Oh dear.

  3. Pascoe
    25 Jan 13
    1:04 pm

  4. Er, what beaches in Australia have a mozzie problem…?

  5. Joey P
    25 Jan 13
    1:54 pm

  6. Hmmm…good production values but not sure about the execution. A bit corny.

    And if it is a parody of Baywatch, where are the Pamela Anderson look-alike babes?

    Too worried about being deemed sexist I guess if they had a bikinied babe running slow-mo down the beach.

    Be interetsing to see if it gets any viral traction. I won’t be onsending it to anyone.

  7. Mark W
    25 Jan 13
    2:14 pm

  8. To much inhaling of it by all those involved…

  9. Wayne
    25 Jan 13
    2:44 pm

  10. Do mosquitos come out during the day? I thought they were more blood-sucking creatures of the night.

  11. PR agencies should stick to PR
    25 Jan 13
    3:04 pm

  12. oh dear …. cringe value 10! couldn’t even watch it past the first 20 seconds ….. so so bad … but what’s worse is this cost a client money … a client’s money paid for some guy to get his rocks off pretending he is a director ….

  13. Alberto V
    25 Jan 13
    3:17 pm

  14. Hey Hey Hey , a good commercial for Japanese television or any Asian broadcasters, they will see the “ignoramus comedy” of Australian content commercials at their best.
    Smile and wave boys, smile and wave…

  15. The Internetz
    25 Jan 13
    4:35 pm

  16. I’d love to see how they’re measure success around this. Sure it’s making conversation and its a bit cute, but i’m not feeling compelled to share this on social OR buy Aeroguard because of it.

    I love that Frank PR’s idea is creative, but in this style of report i’d actually be more interested in the content marketing and campaign integration around it. Is this the first chapter of a series of vids or a one-off spoof? Will the video content form part of rich media display ads online? How is the vid being shared with influencers and communities to drive views….is RB doing anything to be part of the conversation that follows? Will this become a live activation down at Bondi with the guys armed and ready to protect against mozzies?

    With the recent efforts of Dick Smith and Rhonda/Ketut with AAMI, there’s obviously much more potential noise that can be made from these sorts of video efforts. I actually thought Aeroguard’s Summer Lovin’ spoof last year was much more sharable.


  17. Who me bitter?
    25 Jan 13
    5:26 pm

  18. Sand Flies? Maybe. Mozzies? No way – so the premise is 100% flawed.

    As for the entertainment (?) value – this is a perfect exercise to demonstrates the art of commercial direction – an interminable TWO minutes – to do what a clever professional film director could pull off in 15# seconds.

  19. Anonymous
    25 Jan 13
    6:32 pm

  20. I think Aeroguard need a new brand manager. Who the hell would approve that.

  21. Anonymous
    25 Jan 13
    6:33 pm

  22. I will make a point to never buy aeroguard again after watching this advert.

  23. Cringe
    25 Jan 13
    10:44 pm

  24. This is what happens when you produce video content on the cheap with a PR Agency

  25. Sorry but...
    26 Jan 13
    11:13 am

  26. I’m positive this is the most disturbing bit of content I will see all year. It will take plenty of effort to come up with something worse than this. I also will not buy Aeroguard again after being exposed to this.

  27. WTF?
    26 Jan 13
    6:55 pm

  28. Absolute shite and completely un-pr-able… Why the hell would you get a PR agency to do this when you have the brand agency that did Doug Pitt?

  29. Joey P
    27 Jan 13
    11:35 am

  30. Couldn’t agree more Cringe.

  31. Ann
    27 Jan 13
    11:36 am

  32. Nice idea, less mossies this year cause less rain, so they maybe preaching in vain

  33. Anon
    29 Jan 13
    9:28 am

  34. i think it is clear that this is a tactical execution from Aerogard for their overarching “reclaim your summer” campaign on Australia Day. Why wouldnt a brand like Aerogard, which so clearly represents the aussie summer, take advantage of this national day????
    More to the point this obviously isn’t their main commercial for the campaign (see link here ) and the Baywatch clip appears to be just a talking point for the “rescue service” on aussie day. Yes, the clip is a little corny but come on, how obvious is it that it is supported to be?! that creates the humour…
    I praise aerogard for breaking out of traditional mediums and to launch a campaign that is different to what they usually do. well done :-)

  35. PooTube
    29 Jan 13
    10:06 am

  36. @Anon the overwrought explanation gives away your self-interest, and fails to polish this turd. Abominations like this will hopefully push clients to producing quality content, or none at all.

  37. Mel
    31 Jan 13
    8:06 pm

  38. Cute concept! True blue Aussie vibe and a great use of 2 babes!