How not to front the press

It’s always nice to see a PR masterclass in how not to front the media, this time courtesy of South Australia Families & Communities department CEO Joslene Mazel.

Next time, Dr Mumbo advises her to take the “I’m eating my cookie” approach.



  1. Kaylen
    5 Oct 11
    3:14 am

  2. Why are all those “public servants” males??

  3. Jenna Massoli
    5 Oct 11
    3:58 pm

  4. Maybe they were sent to them by one of Fred Nile’s ‘research staff’.

  5. aloha
    5 Oct 11
    5:06 pm

  6. what would malcolm tucker do?

  7. Trollolololo
    5 Oct 11
    5:30 pm

  8. NSW Politicians are wondering what all the fuss is about.