Is Kyle Sandilands’ live broadcasting career over?

On my way into the office this morning I was in something of a dilemma about whether to write about Kyle Sandilands’ latest transgression.  

It struck me that by being slightly swifter to apologise this time, Austereo had perhaps killed the story.

I didn’t bother to write anything.

But then something that has become quite familar in recent weeks – a terse announcement from Austereo by email  “for immediate release”.

Sandilands was off the air, again.

Once again Austereo takes little credit. If the station was making the judgement on how it felt about the joke, Sandilands would not have been allowed to do his show this morning. So clearly it was a reaction to the media coverage, rather than an ethical decision.

Hard to say which incident was worst. Outing a young alleged rape victim, or effectively making light of the holocaust. Perhaps the former in that there was a vulnerable individual at the centre of that one, while Magda Szubanski can look after herself.

But the situation for Austereo now is even more difficult. The situation has parallels with the Sachsgate affair in the UK.

One of the BBC’s most highly paid presenters Jonathan Ross was suspended after prank phone calls were made to the answering machine of Fawlty Towers actor Andrew Sachs. Sachs was taunted about presenter Russel Brand having slept with his grand daughter.

After the media furore, Ross came back on air. But the scrutiny was intense, and he found it impossible to continue working live because ther press were listening intently for the next faux pas, which inevitably came. That’s the same situation for Sandilands now.

Offensive as it was, it’s conceivable that prior to the lie detector incident, he might have got away with his concentration camp gag. Mind you, Szubanski’s Polish heritage – which Sandilands was probably unaware of – made matters worse.

But having been taken off air, Sandilands – a presenter who walks the line, and often crosses it – will struggle to be himself on live radio again.

That’s what happened with Ross. When he came back, every minor live gaffe was major news. In the end the BBC had to switch to pre-recording his show, which it remains even now.

You can manage that with a weekly programme, but not with a breakfast show.

As a live presenter, Sandilands may well be finished. Even more likely is that by offending the Jewish community he has done serious damage to his hopes of breaking into the US.

For the forseeable future, Sandilands’ live broadcasting career is in tatters.

Tim Burrowes


  1. katie
    9 Sep 09
    2:42 pm

  2. good riddance. he’s rubbish.

  3. Sharon
    9 Sep 09
    2:48 pm

  4. I’d like to agree with you, but I’ll believe it when I see it. And so much for the single practical measure taken by Austereo following its “review” after the other incident – putting a kill switch on Sandilands.

  5. Matt Granfield
    9 Sep 09
    2:55 pm

  6. In tatters perhaps, but I’m sure a station somewhere will give him a job. Failing that, I’m sure he can figure out how to install WordPress.

  7. Wolfcat
    9 Sep 09
    3:01 pm

  8. I didn’t know about Szubansk’s Polish heritage…. but hey taking a guess on her last name should be enough for him take a punt on not making Holocaust jokes.

  9. Cheerio
    9 Sep 09
    3:02 pm

  10. I’d think that with a last name like Szubanski he might have had half a clue that her origins were Eastern European. Where that is the case, one rule of communications thumb applys – just don’t mention the war!

  11. Sean Greaney
    9 Sep 09
    3:07 pm

  12. I mentioned the war once… but I think I got away with it!

  13. Ben
    9 Sep 09
    3:13 pm

  14. As a side observation Vile is hardly an Adonis – a bit rich having a dig and offering advice about other people’s weight

  15. Matt Granfield
    9 Sep 09
    3:22 pm

  16. Thing is, Sandilands isn’t the dumbest presenter out there. David Reyne would give Kyle a run for his money, but at he stays away from anything controversial:

  17. tony dix
    9 Sep 09
    3:25 pm

  18. Get rid of the Moron permenantly…………even if you have to push him of a Australia a favour.

  19. Jason
    9 Sep 09
    3:28 pm

  20. What happen to the kill switch Austereo fitted? Austereo management should be accountable, not Sandiland’s who’s just a monkey.

  21. Edwin
    9 Sep 09
    3:37 pm

  22. Two Things Dont listen to 2dayfm and 2dayfm should remove him permanently

  23. The Worst of Perth
    9 Sep 09
    3:38 pm

  24. He wouldn’t be aware that Szubanski is a Polish name? Really?

  25. Jason
    9 Sep 09
    4:25 pm

  26. What a complete and utter retard!

  27. David Jackmanson
    9 Sep 09
    4:25 pm

  28. “Mind you, Szubanski’s Polish heritage – which Sandilands was probably unaware of – made matters worse.”

    Yep, good Irish name, that. I love a good craic with the Szubanskis and the Paderewskis while sinking a Guinness down the Bonnie Prince Charlie.

  29. mumbrella
    9 Sep 09
    4:41 pm

  30. I take your point, David.

    But until this week I’d only ever thought of Magda Szubanski as an Australian comedian when i thoguht about her at all. I’d never given a moment’s thought to her family origins, and I suspect Sandilands didn’t before opening his mouth either.


    Tim – Mumbrella

  31. Adam Ferrier
    9 Sep 09
    4:43 pm

  32. The answer your question? I’m predicting a ‘Yes’.

    Yes because advertisers will see it as too risky being associated with someone who appears to not have the capacity to (learn how to) behave in a civil, pro-social manner. Nor does he really seem capable of understanding the impact of his actions.

  33. Troy
    9 Sep 09
    5:14 pm

  34. I have a job for him 8.30 to 5 Monday to Friday pays $32 000 per year
    must be able to sweep floors and mop large areas.

  35. Alex
    9 Sep 09
    5:31 pm

  36. Would Sandilands be worried about this level of media coverage? Would 2dayfm? Seems like an ideal CV for a shock jock. If someone had their finger on the kill switch and didd’nt press … sounds like Dr Frankenfurtur is at it again. Caveat emptor. Stick with Aunty – she has good manners.

  37. kate
    9 Sep 09
    6:34 pm

  38. I am Jewish many of my family members died and i support Kyle. I did not find him offensive, i find the media and Kyles bosses offensive as why don’t they support other nationalities who are ridiculed by other channels. If someone mentions, the italians or asians, its like “who cares”, when someone mentions a Jew, it creates havoc. I went and saw where members of my family died in Austria, but i truly belive people need to move on to gain closure. My friends refer to me as a Joke as a Jew when i don’t spend my money etc, and i am not offended, People need to be not so serious, My grandmother even agrees.

  39. Anon.
    9 Sep 09
    9:05 pm

  40. We’re Jewish. He’s rude, crude, offensive, insensitive and dragging everyone down. We’re all better off without him on radio.

  41. Adam Paull
    9 Sep 09
    9:51 pm

  42. Well Kate, I’m not Jewish, I’ve had no family members killed and I’ve never been to Austria but I found what Kyle Sandilands said deeply offensive and think he shouldn’t be allowed anywhere near a microphone, let alone a transmitter – so I guess that evens that up.

    BTW, My grandmother can’t stand him either…

  43. Dan German
    9 Sep 09
    10:59 pm

  44. Kyle is a Howard Stern idea thief, without the honesty, integrity and consistency. Poser.

  45. Michael
    9 Sep 09
    11:14 pm

  46. The guy is a wanker we all agree on that im sure, the popularity of his radio show makes me think sheep, we have a lot of them in Australia not just the four leg variety

  47. Anonymous
    10 Sep 09
    1:58 am

  48. “…until this week I’d only ever thought of Magda Szubanski as an Australian comedian when i thoguht about her at all.”

    True, I wouldn’t have known before now unless I looked it up. But I’m sure if you’d been asked to think about it you might at least have taken a punt on “Central or Eastern Europe”.

  49. David Jackmanson
    10 Sep 09
    1:59 am

  50. “…until this week I’d only ever thought of Magda Szubanski as an Australian comedian when i thoguht about her at all.”

    True, I wouldn’t have known before now unless I looked it up. But I’m sure if you’d been asked to think about it you might at least have taken a punt on “Central or Eastern Europe”.

  51. mark adelman
    10 Sep 09
    7:58 am

  52. Hey Kyle-,
    Look up archival photo’s of those Concentration camps you likened to A Curves or Jenny Craig Day Spa- See if they look alike to you- Maybe the smoked bodies, or ashes are cigarette butts by the pool-
    You miserable low life ignorant arrogant low grade moron of a sum!!!
    Lose some weight yourself- cut your moronic head off!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  53. Nikki
    10 Sep 09
    9:13 am

  54. I honestly believe the problem here is the Kyle Sandilands is simply an idiot. I don’t think he means to be quite so offensive or inappropriate but I think his severe lack of intelligence means that he can’t (for example) deduce that making a joke about concentration camps to someone with the last name Szubanski might be a tad over the line.

    Therefore, I totally agree that getting that man off live radio is the best way to ensure that these total cock-ups don’t continue to happen.

  55. Scott Taylor
    10 Sep 09
    11:58 am

  56. I don’t listen to 2day fm often by any stretch, but when i do, i notice a lot of ads for AMI. Can’t imagine they’d have many scruples about who they’re advertising with.

    My guess is Kyle will be back in no time and people will keep listening in droves.

    Also is it fair to say that most people who listen to him do so for something to talk about? Wanker or otherwise, lets face it, that’s one service he provides in spades.

  57. Andrew Y
    10 Sep 09
    1:18 pm

  58. I couldn’t care less about Sandilands, but I think he’s a scapegoat in this instance. What responsibility have Austereo taken over Sandiland’s broadcasts?

    He wasn’t suspended over the 14yo Rape Victim affair – he chose to take a 10 day break. Austereo have never, to date, addressed the core of that whole incident: that the content of Kyle And JO’s show has been inappropriate for its core audience and timeslot for years. Despite the largest 10-17yo audience on Sydney radio, the show broadcast content involving masturbation, penis size, emotional cruelty, and the list goes on. That’s just in the month preceding the lie-detector disgrace.

    Austereo’s supposed network changes to address the problem clearly didn’t solve anything at all.

    Now Austereo take a stance – 24 hours AFTER the concentration camp comment – which once again demonstrates they actually don’t care what is broadcast, just what public opinion dictates. Personally, I don’t like the idea that someone is kicked off air for a bad-taste joke. Free speech allows Kyle the freedom to disgrace himself on air, but this incident is in no way as bad as the previous one.

    Why is Sandilands the only one being punished here? Jacki O laughed gleefully as she commented about how unhappy the 14yo girl was in the lead-up to her rape confession. She has the benefit of being the “good cop” in the duo, but surely she is as responsible for the content of the show as Sandilands is. Why has she escaped any scrutiny?

    What has ACMA done to protect young listeners from future Austereo indiscretions? What has Austereo REALLY done to address the continuing problem? Which producers and legal representatives within Austereo have been sanctioned for their involvement (or failure to be involved) in the lie-detector segment?

    I couldn’t care less if Sandilands’ career is over (which I doubt) but I’m a lot more concerned that this issue simply highlights the fact that broadcasters take no real responsibility for what they put on air, and the body that supposedly regulates them is worthless. Losing Sandilands doesn’t fix the problem.

  59. Pete Zerhut
    10 Sep 09
    2:36 pm

  60. Who’s Kyle Sandilands?

  61. Gant
    10 Sep 09
    4:55 pm

  62. At least you found a unique take on it Tim.

  63. Lucas Ng
    10 Sep 09
    5:57 pm

  64. Tim, I’m not so certain his career is tatters.
    Like you mention, Kyle’s career kinda parallels BBC’s Jonathan Ross.

    Both are incredibly popular, both are often incredibly crude and vulgar, both have left a huge trail of controversies behind them. Ross has gotten back up after each fall (including a 12 week suspension) and even became an OBE for his services to the British Empire.

    Then there is Alan Jones – he’s still going strong after a similar number of gaffes and controversies. Obviously there is a huge difference in broadcasting style between Jones and Sandilands but both wield a similar level of influence, albeit on different demographics.

  65. jemma
    10 Sep 09
    8:18 pm

  66. I agree with kate.

  67. annon
    10 Sep 09
    8:50 pm

  68. Has everyone forgot the comments Allan Jones said on air? He was later accused by the media for “inciting racism and violence and for fueling the cronulla riots” . What happened to him, nothing he was not taken off air. The fact is guys, Kyle always talks about how fat, unintelligent, dumb, ect, he himself is and he calls himself “white trash”, he would love what back lash he has caused, the ratings for his programme will go further through the roof. In the UK, they love Kyle, in America, they love this kind of controversy. Does anyone remember Mel Gibson speaking in a drunken rage, making satanic slurs and Jewish remarks, and thats in America, Nothing happened? In America the alot of the actors and big studio executives are Jewish, i should know my sister is married to a Jewish man and lives in Los Angeles, My brother in law said, this kind of thing always causes what the newspapers and media love, MONEY. However Mel Gibson angered some members of the community, then it was over. So before to long Kyle will be back on air and all you bloggers, will be listening waiting for his next wrong move. Does anyone listen to any other programmes, i find them all the same, but ABC radio is great and so is Adam Spencer, a highly intelligent man, brilliant in mathematics. Anyone listen to him? I find the other radio stations boring and similar to today fm, anyone agree? anon

  69. annon
    10 Sep 09
    9:00 pm

  70. Andrew, i TOTALLY agree with your comment, the best so far.

  71. Maria S
    10 Sep 09
    11:04 pm

  72. Now look – what ever happened to free speech! We dont need some bureaucratic body censoring what we are listening to and reading and saying – and this is what this incident comes down to.

    There’s alot of people listening to Kyle and his radio program – who are hoping for him to make some comment that doesn’t meet the suffocating political correctness people are consume with these days!

    If you dont want your kids to listen to this radio show – then turn off the radio whilst they eat breakfast. If it drives you crazy to listen to him – then turn the dial/push your digital button and change channels.

    There is nothing in Kyle’s comment today that hasn’t been around for the last few years since he started breakfast radio – it’s just that on slow news days Kyle gets targeted AGAIN and AGAIN.

    The only person who should have something to say about this is Magda – and she has on the 7pm project. She said it made no difference to her what he said – just that the reference to a “concentrationa camp” wasn’t the best – and then she wrote it off to nothing.

    Kyle enjoys talking to Magda – all those knockers out there should have listened to the interview they had a couple of months back.

    We all in conversation – or whilst driving a car or shopping for groceries – mutter under our breaths when someone does something stupid. We may not scream it out – but then again – like the saying goes: “throw stones when you aren’t guilty of something or the same thing” – yes i’m paraphrasing – but you get the drift.

    Bring back Kyle – it’s background noise when you’re getting ready for work – whether you focus or not on the content. If you want serious commentary – then go to another channel – but then again – do you really want to listen to them carry on?

    Get over the political correctness – and the censoring of our free speech. It’s a slippery slope and we’re slipping further down as we go.

  73. clive Burcham
    11 Sep 09
    12:36 am

  74. good POV here from Jack Marks,00.html

  75. Fiona Meldrum
    11 Sep 09
    4:35 am

  76. They say that the mark of a great radio presenter is someon who is genuinely polarising – loved by some, hated by others. But I’m yet to read the comments of one person who actually loves Sandilands.

    So if everyone hates him or only tolerates him – he is not a good radio presenter and should be cast from the airwaves.

  77. annon
    11 Sep 09
    8:44 am

  78. i agree maria, nothing more needed to be said.

  79. davey
    11 Sep 09
    9:03 am

  80. Hehe, I see what you mean annon. If Alan Jones can help incite a riot and then be allowed to stay on air, then Kyle can stay on air. I dislike both.

  81. Johnny Rotten
    11 Sep 09
    9:09 am

  82. It’s commercial media. If the listeners aren’t there, he should be dropped. If they are – no matter how much I detest him – then he’s doing his job.

  83. Nat Bradford
    11 Sep 09
    10:59 am

  84. So, offending Jews is the point at which an Australian shock jock potentially loses his job and ruins his chances of picking up a gig in the US?

    Is there a sliding scale somewhere that shows at what stage your career is in tatters by the ethnic or religious group you choose to denigrate?

    “Hey, that crack about Muslims puts you at defcon three, but the Jews, oh, now you’ve done it…”.

    The Alan Jones example, and now this, points to exactly how weak the entire system is when it comes to cracking down on racial and religious stereotyping and prejudice.

    People of the Jewish faith have survived thousands of years of persecution of the most horrendous kinds – in the grand scheme of things Kyle’s comments hardly rate a mention, other than to provide further proof of his, at best, insensitivity, and at worst, his anti-semitism. And it’s not the dumb anti-semites we all need to be worried about.

  85. codebeans
    11 Sep 09
    12:53 pm

  86. Why are you guys bringing race/Jews as discussion point here? It has nothing to do with that. I think there is a conspiracy out there trying to take down Kyle because he is one person who is not afraid to speak out and people just can’t stand the ugly truth! Despite many who condemn his show they can’t help not listening to it. So what is that saying about these people? What Maria S (item 36 in the comment list) said is absolutely right!

    We have to be careful how this case is going to fan out. If saying little things here and there will get us into trouble, then eventually no one is going to say anything and we are going to develop a society that is fear of speaking out and everyone will become so superficial, is that what we want for this country?

  87. Sharon
    11 Sep 09
    1:06 pm

  88. Kyle Sandilands does NOT “speak out” about anything. The most eloquent he has become in justifying his on-air behaviour has when he has dismissed it as “just fun” and dismissed the harm to other people as “just one of those things”.
    If he was someone who indeed spoke out about ugly truths I would defend his right to do so. Denigrating on-air guests about their weight or putting them in exploitative situations is not “speaking out” about any issue of public interest.

  89. Elle
    11 Sep 09
    1:58 pm

  90. I love Kyle! I miss him on Aust Idol…………please bring him back!!!!

  91. Dave
    11 Sep 09
    4:09 pm

  92. Kyle could do with some time in a camp also. No diet though, just straight to the showers.

  93. Nikki
    11 Sep 09
    4:29 pm

  94. Maria, are you in advertising? Free speech is the reason we have the ABC. Commercial radio is for entertaining content and advertising messages so I totally disagree that free speech applies to commercial content.

    I WISH it were the case, but the truth is we all know our clients’ business relies on them not being affiliated with controversial issues and if a station is going to sell advertising space they should take steps to ensure that the advertisers are not put in any difficult positions.

  95. Heléna
    11 Sep 09
    9:17 pm

  96. gee Fiona where have you been? 300K+ people listen to the Kyle and Jackie O Show, I’d say there are a few who love him in that number – I know I do :o)

  97. holly
    11 Sep 09
    10:59 pm

  98. I always listen to the kyle and jacquie O show and always will.

  99. Anonymous
    11 Sep 09
    11:25 pm

  100. I feel really sorry for Kyle, as if he would have meant his comment to be hurtful, why would he, especially since all the bosses in America are Jewish, well almost anyway. Why would he jeopardise any future potential work in LA. Did anyone hear or read in the paper today that Steve Price, the radio presenter from 2UE, is being sued by a woman as he referred to her as a SLUT on air. It was a small section only in todays telegraph, he also refered to her as a madam. The station tried to settle out of court but it is going to trial. I read it today, but have not heard it on any news programmes. Could you imagine if was Kyle, it would be all over the TV networks, they would be chewing him up, but nothing has been said, i find this wrong, if they pick on Kyle, then what about Steve Price’s comment. (It was the woman from the four corners story regarding NRL players). This is what i find HORRID, and people are still willing to judge Kyle. That 14yr old girls mother came on the show and it was pre – rehersed, she said she wanted to ask her daughter if she has ever had sex, it was not kyle who asked the question, the only thing he said wrong was “is that the only exp you have had” you could hear the panic in his voice and it was cut from air. Yes it was a silly mistake. And worse, when i think about the people out there, who believe the murderers should be let out of prison as, because they did not know what they were doing, then i get really mad and think that we should spend our time cursing the real scum of the earth, not a radio presenter who made a innocent mistake. I support Kyle.

  101. Maria S
    12 Sep 09
    12:17 am

  102. Hi Nikki. No I am not in advertising. I am in the legal field. Free speech should be just that – free to be able to express yourself whether people want to hear it or not. What you say shouldn’t be censored so you can make money for some company – unless you do it by choice – but then you’re free to decide.

    I understand what you’re saying – but it’s a double edged sword. If a sponsor wants their name out there – then put it out there by sponsoring something ie: Kyle & Jackie’s show.

    The only reason sponsors panicked this time is because a group of people jumped up and down about the mention of concentration camps. You can guarantee that the people jumping up and down didn’t actually listen to the broadcast – just jumped on the bandwagon.

    I would love to know the financial links between the commercial tv networks who continually bag Kyle out and the newspapers doing the same thing – and whether there is any connection between those companies and Austereo – whether they want Austereo or their parent or associated company/ies to lose money or go down in the ratings etc for whatever financial reason.

    Anyhow – back to the point – it’s time to stop the Kyle witchhunt. “THEY” want him brought down for whatever reason and it’s just not right.

    We are supposed to be living in a “free society” but the older I get the more i realise – we’re only “free” within the confines of the politically correct expected behaviour the conservative people in power and media these days deems appropriate.

    That’s why we all have secrets and keep them close to our chests or keep our real opinions to ourselves, or a close group of friends – it’s so we dont get targeted and judged and ridiculed and, possibly lose our jobs for our opinion….. dont you think this is a dangerous situation for society in general?

    Put him back on air and find sponsors who dont overreact – i am sure there are many who would like the exposure!

  103. oliver
    12 Sep 09
    1:44 am

  104. legal field eh? interesting…

  105. Maria S
    12 Sep 09
    11:27 am

  106. It’s not that interesting Oliver…if only it was…

  107. Jeannie
    12 Sep 09
    3:07 pm

  108. Forget free speech, what happened to respect and decency? Kyle thinks it’s funny to tell a fat person to lose weight by going to a concentration camp – if a child said that at school to another child, I would like to think the teacher would intervene and punish that child.
    To me, it’s all about a bullying, mean-spirited sense of humour that has no place on breakfast radio,

  109. Maria S
    12 Sep 09
    3:35 pm

  110. Jeanie – you’ve missed the point. Did you actually listen to the whole segment that morning?

    There was no malice in the segment; in the content of what Kyle said at all.

    There’s a difference between a bully who systematically focusses on their “prey” and someone saying something in passing – which may not be “nice” but it’s not meant in a malicious way.

    Everyone needs to get their skin thickenned up a little bit – it really does make a difference in the way you live your life – when you are able to hear something you dont like – be faced with an adverse situation – and are able to turn away or push it out of your mind….

    Turn over the channel; turn off the radio – whatever – just dont let society turn in to a bunch of zombie-like politically correct humans.

  111. kate
    13 Sep 09
    5:02 pm

  112. Adam, did you listen to the radio programme that morning? because if you did you would not be judging him so harshly. Do you know Kyle on a personal level?, because you seen to dislike him so much. If you find him offensive, don’t listen to his programme, i never mentioned that my grandmother likes kyle, she does not even listen to any programme. I told her what happened that morning on radio, and asked her what she thought. Sometimes i feel that if i continue to get upset everytime someone says something wrong,about a “JEW” i will end up having a anxiety disorder. I do not wish to live my life thinking everyday about millions of people including family being tortured, when i went to a concentration camp in 2001, Austria, i had a Panic Attack and could not breath, i went to pieces. So a silly comment which was not intended to hurt anyone, why would i take that on board and dislike a man i have never meant. As another blogger pointed out, Kyle does not speak highly of himself, all the names he had been called, are the names he refers to as himself anyway, he is a shock jock, look at us all blogging about him, he has obviously done his job well for all of us to be doing this, i however look forward to when he returns. So Adam, what about Steven Price, do you find him rude? i guess i even that up.

  113. Jeannie
    14 Sep 09
    12:46 pm

  114. OK, Maria, by your way of thinking I could make all sorts of racist, sexist and or/homophobic comments on this notice board today, but because my defence would be that there’s no malice intended, you’re saying Mumbrella readers can’t criticise. They should just find another website to read and “get their skin thickenned up a little bit”. If they don’t do they become one of “a bunch of zombie-like politically correct humans?”

  115. zoe
    14 Sep 09
    1:06 pm

  116. I think the issue here is less about Kyle, less about racism and more about utter sexism. At risk of connecting a statement from a pitiful show into a wider social comment, I think it reinforces the fact that society tacitly says it’s OK to comment on womens’ bodies and judge the way they look, as their bodies are somehow ‘owned’ by the public. This particular comment obviously went too far (not because of its sexist nature either), but there are millions that are not picked up because they are seen as OK.

  117. Tracey
    14 Sep 09
    1:55 pm

  118. Bring back Kyle – i can’t take Danni Minogue for another day!

  119. Adam Paull
    14 Sep 09
    2:20 pm

  120. @Kate “Kyle does not speak highly of himself” That has to be the quote of the year!

    I stand by everything I said about Kyle – he should not be allowed anywhere near a transmitter. Same goes for Price, Jones, Francis and their Ilk.

  121. kate
    14 Sep 09
    8:25 pm

  122. Adam, Kyle refers to himself and “fat white trash”, i have not heard him ever “speak highly of himself”, but your entitled to that opinion. But i have to agree with Tracey, bring Kyle back, i find the current people filling in for him BORING.

  123. Maria S
    14 Sep 09
    10:54 pm

  124. Jeanie,

    The point I am making is meant for application to a “big picture”. You can’t censor everything everyone says just because a minority of the community (and in this instance it is a minority – Kyle has his fans; kyle has his haters – and there is a vast majority of people he doesn’t even register on their richter scales).

    It’s got nothing to do with racism; bullying or anything else. This specific instance is a one off comment that some people took offence to.

    To use the power of the media, and the manipulation of words and sensationalist journalism to try and silence someone in the same business is a dangerous cord to pull.

    You aren’t a Kyle fan – fair enough; but surely you’d have to concede that if the media outlets didn’t blow this out of proportion – you would never even have heard about it? (and if you concede those points – then by default you concede that people in the media have an alterior motive to be listening to Kyle’s every word)

    Getting a thick skin is something people need to develop – and to develop the ability to turn away or turn the channel or put your point across and then agree to disagree – that’s what would make the world go round much more peacefully.

    There are much bigger problems out there we can be focussing on – the drug pusher who only gets a fine; the bloke or woman next door who abuses their kids; the people who can’t make ends meet and live below the poverty line in a rich country like Australia.

    There are bigger issues to concentrate on other than “oh my gosh did you hear what kyle said today” – it’s just that the issues that are bigger are harder to sort through – so sensationalist journos and media go for an easy target – go for Kyle – he’s big enough to bring down with a thump – but not too big to cause them trouble.

    Bring him back – put him on air – leave him alone and get the media concentrating on much tougher issues.

  125. codebeans
    15 Sep 09
    10:50 am

  126. Thank you Maria S for putting things into perspective.

    “To use the power of the media, and the manipulation of words and sensationalist journalism to try and silence someone in the same business is a dangerous cord to pull.” (item 62 by Maria S)

    I can’t agree more to this! This is exactly what happens to the media circle today. Sad but true.

  127. Matthew
    17 Sep 09
    3:49 pm

  128. Sand – i – who?

  129. Bert
    17 Sep 09
    5:01 pm

  130. Over !No way.He’s a loaded gun for hire.The cashed up no morals radio stations don’t give a toss.What goes up must come down and ratings will return when this train wreck rolls back into town controlled by the fat cat airwave controllers.

  131. Trish
    18 Sep 09
    1:02 pm

  132. I agree – Thank you Maria!! Get him back on the air!! ps though – I thought Danni did a good job.

  133. Rae
    21 Sep 09
    3:56 pm

  134. I’m impressed that 2dayFM found a duo even more mediocre than Kyle and Jackie O. I even tuned in for about an hour until my ears started bleeding. They must be working hard to maintain their standards and sponsors, so kudos to them.

  135. Josh Champion Hilditch
    24 Sep 09
    2:27 pm

  136. It’s the same in many> do we all remember Sam Newman getting booted off air? Hardly for the same thing, but it shows that people in television or radio are willing to go so much further for ratings, at the expense of an innocent person.

    It is sad that such terrible events are used to get ratings, and those who do so should feel ashamed of themselves. Broadcasting networks should do alot more for preventing this in the future.

    As for Kyle, shame on you. What you did is down right UNAUSTRALIAN.

  137. Terry Macklin
    27 Sep 09
    9:23 am

  138. ACMA deadline for interested parties is next week – have your say to someone who can change things??


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