iSelect mocks Olympics ambush marketing in Olympics ambush ad

Price comparison site iSelect has launched a trio of new TV ads – one mocking advertisers ambushing the Olympics.

“Every four years it’s the same story. Companies that have nothing to do with the Games jumping on the bandwagon,” says Mr iSelect in the ad, played by actor Jason Geary.

The ad premiered during Nine’s coverage of the 2012 London Olympic Games opening ceremony.

The second of the batch, created by AJF Partnership Melbourne and directed by Tony Rogers, suggests that it can be cheaper for Australians to have health insurance than not, in a school-yard style pitting of nerds versus cool kids.

The third spot sees Mr iSelect explain how iSelect finds the right health insurance to his apprentice Josh in the iSelect canteen by eating Josh’s chips.

The ads come just days after iSelect’s CMO David May was announced as the CEO of national rugby league franchise the Gold Coast Titans.


Creative Director: Josh Stephens
Art Director: George Freckleton
Copywriter: Brent Liebenberg
Director: Tony Rogers, Guilty
Producer: Jason Byrne
Agency Producer: Nik Round
Post Production: Method
Sound: Risk
Account Director: Kate Silver
Account Manager: Clare Burrow
iSelect Marketing: Nick Riley, Charlyn Dimasi, Lauren Brown


  1. Bem
    30 Jul 12
    5:10 pm

  2. I’m so sick of these ads and the current epidemic of similar ads on TV. How many arrogant, overly confident, fast talking men do we need in ads?

  3. Ann
    30 Jul 12
    6:54 pm

  4. Let the ambush begin!!

  5. Wayne
    30 Jul 12
    6:55 pm

  6. This may not be a “cool” thing to say, but I think they’re some of the most entertaining ads on TV. Which probably says more about the ads on TV. And please, we are talking about car insurance here.

  7. AdGrunt
    30 Jul 12
    8:04 pm

  8. They amused me enough to visit their site.

    Job done!

  9. anna
    30 Jul 12
    8:07 pm

  10. I actually really like them too. Accountant nerds are funny.

  11. Steve
    31 Jul 12
    10:09 am

  12. These are possibly the funniest ads on TV. They’re great. Continue this campaign i-select.

  13. Cameron Craig
    31 Jul 12
    10:19 am

  14. As a competitor to iSelect, albeit with a tiny fraction of the advertising budget, I think these are great so hats off to you iSelect.. The character is likeable and their messaging has really hit a rhythm. Nice job. Cameron from

  15. Andrea
    31 Jul 12
    1:01 pm

  16. I love these ads. So much so, that when I finally get round to getting some health insurance, I’m going to sue iSelect…

  17. archie
    31 Jul 12
    2:05 pm

  18. Bem you’re out of touch

    they’re fun and funny

    good stuff Iselect and agencies

  19. GC
    31 Jul 12
    3:13 pm

  20. Yeah whatevs I love these ads.