Andrew Jaspan: I’ve worked at a higher level than Garry Linnell ever will

garry linnellAndrew JaspanDr Mumbo adores a media feud.

And Fairfax Media’s Garry Linnell and The Conversation’s Andrew Jaspan are creating a classic.

The battle began when Jaspan – a former editor-in-chief of The Age – suggested that Fairfax Media was taking its papers downmarket.

Linnell was content to fire back, suggesting that Jaspan had tried that during his time at the helm and failed.

There came a third chapter, in Jaspan’s live video hangout with Mumbrella today.

What did Jaspan have to say about Linnell?: “I don’t actually know Garry. My understanding is his real area of interest is crime rather than politics.

“I actually edited the Observer in the UK and I sat on the board of the Guardian Media Group. I’ve actually worked at a higher level than Garry will ever work at editorially.

“There is nothing in me that is mid-market. I’m actually a serious journalist.”

Will Linell now let it lie? Dr Mumbo sincerely hopes not.

The tough stuff starts at around the 22 minute mark…


  1. News lover
    5 Mar 13
    7:40 pm

  2. Fairfax news sites / papers (I don’t read print) are sadly headed to tabloid fodder.

    Perhaps all of the quality that has left Fairfax will pen some articles for The Guardian? I will happily read the Guardian.

    I can’t stand Murdoch mastheads, broadsheet or tabloid, because it is associated with Murdoch. I am not a leftie either.

  3. blc1981
    6 Mar 13
    1:30 pm

  4. Actually, I love it when people actually use the word actually loads because it actually gives them more credibility, actually.