John Allan to lead Sensis

john allan sensisJohn Allan has been named as the new MD of Telstra’s directories arm Sensis a month after leaving News Limited where he was COO of The Australian.

Allan will join the organisation on Monday.

In a message to staff, Telstra Media’s group MD Rick Ellis, said: “John joins Sensis at a critical juncture as we work to make Sensis Australia’s leading directories and digital marketing services business.

“His brief will be to deliver on our long term digital strategy, as well as our program to step up simplification of the Sensis business and accelerate digital growth, setting the business on course for success in the digital age.”

Allan said “I am excited to be joining Sensis as it embarks on a clear roadmap to deliver on its digital strategy. Rick recently has unveiled a new executive structure for Sensis and a three year program to support the digital transformation so the ingredients and timing are right for us to deliver even great value for our customers.”

The best known assets within the Sensis portfolio is Yellow Pages and White Pages.

Former Sensis boss Bruce Akhurst was ousted in March after seven years in charge.


  1. Peter Petrovski
    30 Jul 12
    9:12 pm

  2. Good luck and all the best.

  3. Vince
    31 Jul 12
    8:21 am

  4. Would be interested to learn more about the new digital strategy.

  5. Searcher
    31 Jul 12
    9:27 am

  6. What is the deal with the print directories? Are Sensis at the stage yet where it would be worthwhile for their margins to print to order v print for every address?

    Mine go straight into the recycling..? :(

  7. Doubting Thomas
    31 Jul 12
    9:46 am

  8. Telstra wants Sensis profits and prays for a digital strategy that isn’t just a black run to oblivion. So they hired John?
    Sorry. I just don’t see the fit, polished presenter that he is. (I mean he couldn’t even hang onto the Oz job.)

  9. Joe
    31 Jul 12
    12:15 pm

  10. @Searcher.

    You can cancel your books at:

  11. A very long memory
    31 Jul 12
    2:20 pm

  12. I suggest that the first task John undertakes is to apologise to the many thousands of Telstra customers who were gouged by the slick Sensis salespeople using the lines “If you’re not in the Yellow Pages, you’ll regret it for the whole year…” etc etc etc