Just 653,000 watch Stephanie Rice take Celebrity Apprentice crown

stephanie rice celebrity winnerLast night’s winner announcement for The Celebrity Apprentice – which saw Olympian Stephanie Rice crowned as victor – attracted an audience of less than half that for Julia Morris’s win two years before.

The winner announcement rated a disappointing 653,000 metro viewers for Nine last night according to preliminary overnight metro ratings from OzTAM.

The final challenge element of the show – which included PR practitioners Roxy Jacenko and Prue MacSween as contestants – rated an even lower 573,000.

It is the first time The Celebrity Apprentice winner announcement has been below 1m. Last year Ian ‘Dicko’ Dickson’s victory attracted 1.036m metro viewers. And in 2011, Julia Morris won with an audience of 1.617m viewers.

In a generally tough night for Nine, renovation show The Block was trounced by its Seven rival House Rules by 1.474m to 1.191m. Packed To The Rafters rated 1.181m for Seven.

Meanwhile, Ten had a strong result for its US Stephen King drama Under The Dome, which rated 1.175m. However, its Ten News Special: Killing Bin Laden rated just 656,000 and Masterchef a weak 654,000.

Under the Dome was also the second biggest show in the key demographic of 25-54, behind House Rules.

Nine’s Today and Seven’s Sunrise were close – rating 351,000 and 348,000 respectively.

Seven won the night with a 25.3 per cent free-to-air share. Nine had 18.6 per cent. Ten had one of its best performances in recent weeks with a 15.8 per cent share. ABC1 was on 11 per cent.

Top 15 shows:

  1. House Rules Seven 1.474m
  2. Seven News Seven 1.405m
  3. Nine News Nine 1.298m
  4. The Block Nine 1.191m
  5. Packed to the Rafters Seven 1.181m
  6. Under the Dome Ten 1.175m
  7. Today Tonight Seven 1.166m
  8. A Current Affair Nine 1.136m
  9. Home and Away Seven 1.083m
  10. ABC News ABC 0.907m
  11. The Big Bang Theory Nine 0.832m
  12. Hot Seat Nine 0.800m
  13. Ten News Ten 0.765m
  14. 7:30 ABC 0.745m
  15. New Tricks ABC 0.710m

Tuesday night’s share:

  • Seven: 25.3%
  • Nine: 18.6%
  • Ten: 15.8%
  • ABC1: 11.0%
  • 7TWO: 5.9%
  • GO!: 4.6%
  • SBS1: 4.0%
  • Gem: 3.0%
  • 7mate: 2.7%
  • ABC2: 2.5%
  • Eleven: 2.3%
  • One: 2.0%
  • ABC News 24: 1.0%
  • SBS2: 0.7%
  • ABC3: 0.5%
  • NITV: 0.0%

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  1. Dwayne
    26 Jun 13
    9:51 am

  2. The networks churn out the same dirge every year and they expect ratings to RISE? Woah, that’s optimism wrapped in a riddle wrapped in a celebrity chef.

  3. Patrick
    26 Jun 13
    10:30 am

  4. More like apprentice celebrities. #nailedit

  5. Shamma
    26 Jun 13
    11:36 am

  6. I watched this series throughout and thought it was pretty entertaining and well cast (especially once the duds were weeded out) – but the finale was so flat. Not surprised with the ratings as it really spluttered last night, especially in the first 45 mins.

  7. jo
    26 Jun 13
    11:38 am

  8. i think roxy or jeff should have won they have street smart business acrumen and compassion and that is hard to find. stephanie rice may be a great swimmer but compassion and human decency isnt one of them

  9. Ex-Viewer
    26 Jun 13
    11:40 am

  10. Tim & co – how about a comparison of viewing numbers for the entire FTV industry (and top programs), broken down by year, going back a few decades.

    Would like to know if my suspicion that total numbers have stagnated (or are dropping) is correct.

    Age demographics would also be good. I don’t know any yoofs who watch FTV, but that’s just anecdotal.

  11. Peter Rush
    26 Jun 13
    11:52 am

  12. I turned off the show because the challenges all seemed to be:
    promote some product by putting on an amateurish show.
    That wore thin after the first time.

  13. NB
    26 Jun 13
    2:25 pm

  14. It was on too late

    School day the next day

  15. Kieran
    26 Jun 13
    2:26 pm

  16. In regards to the Ten News Special Killing Bin Laden ‘rating just’ 656,000 – that’s a pretty good effort in a few regards…
    1. 656,000 for a 9.30pm timeslot is great on any network
    2. 656,000 at 9.30pm is better than Masterchef’s numbers at 7.30pm
    3. 656,000 is almost as high as the daily ratings of Ten News at Five
    4. It still held onto OVER HALF of the audience of the ‘big premiere’ of Under the Dome…

    All in all, it was a good night for Network Ten

  17. Alby
    26 Jun 13
    6:00 pm

  18. Well that’s what happens when you hire Big Brother producers to make tv… guaranteed to rate below 700K…

  19. John Grono
    26 Jun 13
    6:33 pm

  20. You are in the right ballpark Ex-Viewer. The top rating programmes would be around half of what they were in the early 1990s (I haven’t looked up the data – that is based on my recall).

    Though the irony is that total TV viewing has only dropped a few minutes a day over that time. Why? Because that quantum of viewing is split over many, many more channels and programmes – hence the lower audience per programme.

  21. time slip
    27 Jun 13
    8:57 am

  22. Hey, I’ve recorded the last ep and am gonna watch it today – I’ll let you know if there’s a different outcome.