KFC promote re-vamped burger range with ’80s music inspired campaign

KFC is promoting its re-vamped burger range with campaign introducing two new burgers sets to iconic ’80s track ‘Oh Yeah’, best known for featuring in Ferris Bueller’s Day Off.

Created by Ogilvy Sydney, the re-vamped range comes as a response to competitors growing their chicken burger ranges with the campaign aimed at reminding consumers that “there is only one place to get the best chicken burger around – KFC”.

Introducing the new Zinger Stacker, the ad is complete with shots of the burger from a variety of angles, before the camera pulls back to reveal a man has attached his seat to a crane like device to move himself around the burger.

Running across free to air TV and pay TV, the ad comes in 30 and 15 second executions and is supported with online pre-rolls, outdoor, digital and social media.

KFC Zinger Stacker outdoor

KFC Kentucky outdoor


  • Clients – Valerie Kubizniak, Annabel Fribence, Adam Draper
  • National Head of Strategy – Mark Sareff
  • Creative Director – Shaun Branagan
  • Copywriter – Blake Arthur
  • Art Director – Matt Ennis
  • Group Account Director – Sarah Faraday
  • Senior Account Manager – Corina Roat
  • Production: One20
  • Director – Kenn MacRae
  • DOP – Matt Stewart
  • Producer – Josh Jenkins
  • Agency Producer – Gabe Hammond
  • Post Production – Method Studios
  • Editor – Mark Bennet
  • Media – Mediacom


  1. JB
    30 Jul 14
    5:16 pm

  2. It was truly awful, but still better than anything KFC normally do.

  3. Petty Officer Sanders
    31 Jul 14
    7:06 am

  4. Saw this on TV last night.I don’t mind it, the issue is the food porn shots are entirely unappetising and letting the spot down. It looks dry and rather underwhelming. If your going to focus on the food, make the food look amazing.

    PS. wipe the crumbs off the table

  5. nick bartlett
    31 Jul 14
    8:20 am

  6. Then dad stopped the car and Hugo said “you go” and I said “no you go” and soon he was back with the pack and ….thank goodness for KFC.

    Ahhhh, the 70s. Ahhhh the ads. Ahhhh the memories that still make me smile.

    In 30 years from now no one will be taking about today’s KFC commercials. Such a pity.

  7. smiffy
    31 Jul 14
    10:19 am

  8. LOVE THE ADS – you can’t turn away, you sing along……what’s wrong with that?

  9. Pezzlo Redbottom
    12 Aug 14
    8:56 am

  10. Bad food, worse song….what could go wrong?