Kojo in Australian-South African co-production on feature film One

Production house Kojo is to be the first in Australia to work on a film under a new Australian-South African co-production treaty.

Kojo’s Adelaide office will do post-production work on feature film One. The film – being produced by US-based film company Main Street Films and South African film company Enigma Pictures – is currently in pre-production.

The post-apocalyptic drama will be directed by South Australian writer/director Murali K Thalluri.

It is the first feature film to be produced under the joint Australian/South African co-production treaty, since it was put into effect in July of 2011.  The treaty gives the companies in South Africa and Australia access to tax perks and subsidies.

Production is due to start later this year with producers expect to release the film in the first half of next year.



  1. Lucio
    25 Jun 13
    6:51 pm

  2. Great to see.

  3. Jeremy
    26 Jun 13
    1:53 pm

  4. Nice work, great to see South Australian film makers thinking outside the box for getting projects off the ground.

    It seems KOJO are having incredible success of bringing projects to the state and making things happen, perhaps they should just take over the SAFC.