2DayFM’s leaving gift to Kyle and Jackie O: abusive outtake audio

KyleSome people get leaving cards, some get gold watches for long service, but what did Kyle and Jackie O get as a leaving gift from their old mates at 2DayFM?

Today Dr Mumbo received a tape from an anonymous “radio insider” featuring clips from controversial former 2DayFM breakfast hosts Kyle Sandilands and Jackie O, played at a 2DayFM Christmas party last night.

The two-minute reel, sent to Dr Mumbo under the title “Final Farewell” and mixed to the audio of the song Time to Say Goodbye, features the former number one duo berating staff, swearing and throwing their weight around.

Among the highlights are:
– Jackie O berating the phone operator for not putting the “correct number” of calls up
– Sandilands telling a staff member: “Turn it up Pretty — you piece of shit”
– Sandilands yelling at staff member for not getting his cigarettes with: “Has that *bleep* got my cigarettes yet? No? Well fuck me dead!”
– Jackie O announcing: “I have diarrhea”

And, well, an audio clip that Dr Mumbo would prefer not to repeat in polite company…

Dr Mumbo spoke to a representative of Kyle and Jackie O, who will move to ARN’s rebranded Mix 106.5 station in 2014 who said: “The audio is not current and most of it has been put to air.” Given the language in some of the clips, that might explain the need for the infamous “dump” button.

Guy Dobson, chief content officer for Southern Cross Austereo said the audio was a blooper tape played at a barbecue at which Jackie O was present.

“It was played last night with Jackie in attendance. It was a blooper tape of their off-air antics put together to play at the end of year private function – it is nothing more and nothing less,” said Dobson.

“There were 15-20 people who got a giggle out of it but it was done with a celebratory tone in mind not a negative tone,” he said.

Celebratory? Dr Mumbo has heard the radio duo can be “difficult” to work with and he is sure there were a few former SCA employees raising a toast in celebration at the departure of the pair.


  1. colin
    3 Dec 13
    2:28 pm

  2. LOL

  3. HR Manager
    3 Dec 13
    3:11 pm

  4. Me thinks the culture at SCA is in a bit of disarray. The first sign is always things leaking anonymously to the press.

  5. Archie Leech
    3 Dec 13
    3:58 pm

  6. Ho Hum…Neither clever nor funny!

  7. SCA Staff Member
    3 Dec 13
    4:30 pm

  8. On the contrary HR Manager.

  9. Intentious
    3 Dec 13
    4:55 pm

  10. “There were 15-20 people who got a giggle out of it” out of a room of 150+

  11. Mike
    3 Dec 13
    5:19 pm

  12. What a disgusting duo they are.

  13. SCA Staff Member
    3 Dec 13
    5:30 pm

  14. where does it say 150+ Intentious?

  15. meg
    3 Dec 13
    5:58 pm

  16. Release the contagion….

  17. ARN Staff Member
    3 Dec 13
    6:05 pm

  18. Absolutely reprehensible … can ARN still back out?

  19. Jake
    3 Dec 13
    6:56 pm

  20. That we hold these two idiots up as any kind of example or role model really speaks to just how stupid we are as a society. They are the lowest common denominator and contribute nothing positive to Australia’s image or standards.

  21. kay
    3 Dec 13
    8:35 pm

  22. I’ve heard them play this censored on air. needs context around it, to understand it. hence why it was done like this for a private function according to Mr Dobson.
    why anyone would leak this is beyond me, considering its been on the radio before. low act whoever leaked it.

  23. Stormy Teacup
    4 Dec 13
    9:53 am

  24. Nowadays seems the luckiest type of person to be in the lucky country is loud, self-righteous and ignorant. They’re caricatures.

  25. Barry
    4 Dec 13
    11:22 am

  26. Seems context is often forgotten in reporting these days.

  27. and2rrowfm
    4 Dec 13
    11:26 am

  28. Their show was great, theyre a good duo together on air and whether people like it or not they became popular due to just being who they are. Kyles head might be too big, but I like their blunt honesty- each to their own though. If you don’t like it, don’t listen. There are vastly different breakfast shows for us all to listen to in Sydney. just enjoy yours :)

  29. Bulic Milkica
    4 Dec 13
    11:44 am

  30. I just think now that SCA will become nothing as I only listend to Today 104 because of Kyle Jackie I tolerated because of Kyle and I will follow Kyle to the end of this earth so it is SCA that has lost because next year kyle and Jackie O will only get bigger.

  31. Matt
    4 Dec 13
    5:03 pm

  32. YAWN .. more retards anonymously ranting on a website .. lol .. u have no life .. oh wait I’m anonymously ranting on a website too .. even if Kyle n Jackie read the comments on this website do you really think they’ll care? Oh yeah they’ll care so much they’ll completely change .. lol

  33. Ordella
    4 Dec 13
    5:42 pm

  34. Agreed, context was missing. They were just having a laugh with most of these comments. Just 2 people being themselves on air. Not being pretentious or fake.. and not pretending to be role models

  35. Dan
    5 Dec 13
    1:06 pm

  36. Great news, justice for Frenzal Rhomb and actually seeing Aussie decisions that teach people to pull their heads in sometimes.

  37. Jennifer Finch
    6 Dec 13
    9:54 am

  38. Seriously is that all 2day FM have on Kyle and Jackie??? Sounds like a typical day at work for anyone….
    2Day FM this just makes you look a little bit pathetic… Move on guys

  39. Anonymous
    6 Dec 13
    10:56 am

  40. I would love a copy without the background music

  41. kyle s
    7 Dec 13
    6:39 pm

  42. move along people nothing to see here…