Lara Bingle appoints publicist Max Markson

Celebrity publicist Max Markson has won exclusive representation of Australian model Lara Bingle famous for her role in Tourism Australia’s “Where the Bloody Hell Are You?” TV ad.  

Bingle was previously represented by International Quarterback.

Her profile will now be handled by Markson’s agency Markson Sparks which includes managing commercial opportunities, endorsements, ambassadorships, TV commercials, modeling and personal appearances.

Markson has recently signed to be the worldwide publicist for Washington socialites Tareq and Michaele Salahi, the couple who made headlines around the world after it was alleged they gatecrashed a White House state dinner.

He has also been promoting former Today Tonight presenter Naomi Robson’s new online dating show.


  1. Chloe
    26 Feb 10
    12:27 pm

  2. Lara is gorgeous and certainly hope this is a mutually successful arrangement

  3. Beaudacious
    26 Feb 10
    12:38 pm

  4. Laughable. How long until she’s on the cover of Zoo?

  5. Kate
    26 Feb 10
    1:04 pm

  6. ^^Without Krystal, Zoo will be looking for a new covergirl. Seems like a perfect match.

    You forgot to mention the month she was represented by Debbie, but then she was unceremoniously dumped for no good reason.

  7. Gezza
    26 Feb 10
    1:14 pm

  8. Why is this news?

  9. puleeease!
    26 Feb 10
    3:42 pm

  10. When will this woman go away!!!!!!!!!!

  11. Anonymous
    26 Feb 10
    5:24 pm

  12. Who gives a…

  13. Anonymous
    26 Feb 10
    7:47 pm

  14. First job. Tell her to stop twittering about how sad she is.

  15. Gavin
    26 Feb 10
    11:58 pm

  16. @anonymouscoward#190727421 exactly, but who are you to say it?
    @Anonymouscoward#798279186 at least she fronts up to her tweets

  17. Glen from Balmain
    1 Mar 10
    10:16 am

  18. Markson isnt right for Lara. She needs a real manager not some used car salesman. Just look how many duds he has signed. Has he ever managed REAL talent-No.

  19. Ellie
    4 Mar 10
    5:00 pm

  20. How droll that she’s suddenly everywhere barely a week after she hired Max Markson.

    I assume he’s getting a lovely retainer for all the (cough) “unwanted” publicity she’s now getting….

  21. Brent Hogan
    11 Mar 10
    12:47 pm

  22. I would have suggested she use a reputable marketing team like the online promotion team from

    The marketing online would been more positive at least!

  23. Kim
    12 Mar 10
    11:55 am

  24. Markson seems to be all about short-term gains and long-term damage.

    Remember Stuart Diver? The whole country was riveted when this poor guy was pulled out of a landslide where he had spent days buried with his dead wife. Markson stepped in, and while Diver was still in hospital and before his wife was buried, he was cutting major media deals on Diver’s behalf. The public saw that and suddenly, Diver went from a miracle survivor with a devastating story to a bloodless, insensitive publicity hound with a likeability factor of zero.

    By selling Bingle’s story – especially to the same mag that broke the photos – Markson has advised yet another client to shoot herself in the foot for short-term gains, because she has now gone from wronged young woman to greedy, classless publicity hound. I hope she’s got some cash in the bank, because at the rate she’s going, she’s going to need it.


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