Lindauer: men are pathetic cry-babies when their women leave them alone for a night

Men are hopeless cry-babies when their loved one leaves them to their own devices – even for just a night – an ad for wine brand Lindauer by DDB New Zealand suggests.

Behind the camera was Danish director William Stahl, “the master of pulling down the pants of the modern man,” according to a press release.


  • Agency: DDB Group New Zealand
  • Client: Lion Nathan
  • Product: Lindauer
  • First Ran – Sunday 16th September, 2012
  • Lion Nathan:
  • Marketing Manager – Wine – Susan Cassidy
  • Brand Manager – Lindauer – Kylie Biddle
  • DDB:
  • Executive Creative Director – Andy Fackrell
  • Group Business Director – Angela Watson
  • Account Director – Jenny Travers
  • Senior Account Manager – Kate Smart
  • Art Director – Julia Ferrier
  • Copywriter – Jennie Liddell
  • Agency Producer – Tania Jeram & Judy Thompson
  • Executive TV Producer – Judy Thompson
  • Film Company – Roadmap Institute:
  • Director – William Stahl
  • Co – producer – Nina Fryland
  • Producer – Martin Elley
  • DOP – Manuel Albeto Claro
  • Editor – Henrik Thiesen
  • Online & Endframe – Jon Baxter @ Perceptual Engineering
  • Audio House: Liquid Studios
  • Audio Engineer: Craig Matuschka
  • Song: ‘Every Minute Alone’ by WhoMadeWho


  1. Really?
    19 Sep 12
    9:44 am

  2. Dumb idea. No insight. Disturbing. For a brand that is about fun and light hearted moments, the execution is a ‘downer’. I spent most of the ad thinking this was going to be something deep and meaningful about loosing a partner (either a breakup or death), so the ‘payoff’ that it’s Lindauer pissed me off.

  3. no-one important
    19 Sep 12
    10:13 am

  4. Balls to that, not sure about NZ men but I can’t imagine they’d be any different, but most guys I know when it comes to the loved one having a girls night out, dance a jig, dust off the xbox, crack a beer and look forward to a couple of hours of peace and quiet while blowing shit up.

  5. awesome
    19 Sep 12
    11:10 am

  6. I’m sure the girls out there wish this is what their man does when they’re out…but the reality involves far more beer and xbox. And maybe a bit of porn.

  7. Rob
    19 Sep 12
    11:40 am

  8. Will ever be played outside of industry websites and awards viewings as a 90 seconder??? I reckon the 30 might be a bit more on the money. Hard to disagree with “Really?” and “no-one important” though..

  9. Anonymous
    19 Sep 12
    12:46 pm

  10. @Really: I thought the same too. If not for the title, it looks like an ad for a counselling service!

  11. No girl believes that
    19 Sep 12
    1:16 pm

  12. I think this ad will serve as a reality check to a lot of girls who wish they’re bloke reacted that way… If anything it might serve as a reminder as to what’s more than likely going to happen when a ‘girls night out’ happens – mischief with the lads. This generally creates an unenergetic, gassy, hungover quilt hog the following day presenting more reasons to stay in instead.

  13. Tiffany
    19 Sep 12
    1:40 pm

  14. Maybe, in NZ

  15. BrentH
    19 Sep 12
    2:00 pm

  16. Competent enough showcase for director’s handling of male anxiety, but fail to get how the brand is hero, or even what it stands for. Maybe it’s a reassurance thing – low alcohol maybe? – so girls’ night out won’t become a boozy lustfest? Or is there a subtle emotional connection to relationship equality? It’s a nice drop, but there’s something seriously missing here.

  17. MeanieC
    20 Sep 12
    12:44 am

  18. Awful!