Lions landfill

For those who feel Cannes is a waste of money, spare a thought for those who forked out to put their marketing bumf in the delegate bag this year – and for the local council, who will have to dispose of it all.

The very definition of clutter, seen here spread out on Dr Mumbo’s bed.

Winner for stand-out goes to Turkish booze brand Yeni Raki (or Lion’s Milk), which has usefully supplied a tambourine. Second prize goes to PR agency Hill & Knowlton Strategies for a pair of sunglasses. And third to picture sourcing firm Pixxers for a bag of dried grass (no, not that kind), which makes the point that finding the right image is like hunting for a needle in a hay stack.


  1. Zimmy
    18 Jun 12
    9:19 am

  2. Is that a tambourine on your bed Dr. Mumbo, or did you accidentally leave your dog collar there?

  3. jean cave
    18 Jun 12
    6:03 pm

  4. A much smaller bag footprint needed next year then.