Luna Park promotes Hair Raiser drop tower in new ad from Ink Project

Luna Park has been promoting its Hair Raiser drop tower in a new ad from brand and design agency Ink Project.

The ad ends with the tagline “Some things just stay with you”.

It marks a first for Ink, with the client approaching the agency directly to create the commercial.

Ink Project brand strategist and managing director David Taylor said: “It feels like the result of Ink’s organic development in response to changes in the industry as a whole.”

Ink worked on the concept, script, design and post production with sister company Sheepish Lion handling the ad’s production.

It was directed by Ken Lambert, who founded both Ink and Sheepish Lion and works as Ink’s creative director.

The commercial has been running during Channel Seven’s My Kitchen Rules and is also running in cinemas.


  1. MattP
    12 Feb 14
    9:44 am

  2. This is a clever, fun advert. Well done!

  3. Hank
    12 Feb 14
    12:13 pm

  4. Good job Ken & Dave – nice spot.

  5. Leo
    12 Feb 14
    2:24 pm

  6. I like that.

  7. Hotdog
    12 Feb 14
    3:57 pm

  8. It is so annoying. I change the channel just to get away.

  9. Tom Donald
    12 Feb 14
    10:29 pm

  10. Just saw this while sprawled out on the couch.
    Stoner advertising at its best.
    Thumbs up every hole.

  11. TheFacts
    13 Feb 14
    2:56 pm

  12. This ad is a total rip off of a regular Catherine Tate sketch where a woman is horrifically startled by every noise – the toaster popping up, someone closing a book, her rice bubbles popping. Would have been nice to see something original

  13. Wazza
    17 Feb 14
    5:58 pm

  14. As the client, I’m only interested in results and not that the idea may have been used in a completely different context. I’m not aware of any other commercial using this creative idea to advertise a thrill ride. Well done Dave and Ken, your client loves it.