Lynx Noah’s Ark spot cleared by ad watchdog

A TV spot for Unilever’s Lynx deodorant, which substitutes beautiful women for animals in the story of Noah’s Ark, does not belittle religions or objectify women, the Advertising Standards Bureau has ruled.

One complaint suggested the ad causes offence by “mocking, trivialising and sexualising a sacred text” and portrays women in a demeaning way by “substituting them for the pairs of animals that were drawn to the ark by God in the Genesis story.”

The ASB concluded the complaint was “a misunderstanding” of the Lynx brand message and stated that “The TVC does not portray people or depict material in a way which discriminates against or vilifies a person or a section of the community on account of sex or religion as the tone of the TVC is one of humour and playfulness”.

Made by ad agency Ponce in Buenos Aires, the ad is part of a global campaign created in collaboration with local agency Droga5.

The reprieval follows the banning of another Lynx “girl on girl porn” online video campaign.


  1. Jack
    4 Nov 11
    3:25 pm

  2. cool

  3. Anonymous
    8 Nov 11
    9:47 am

  4. how dull.
    Could’ve been nice If the girls had all been dressed as pairs of animals and the water level was gradually rising.