2GB boss says Alan Jones detractors are ‘left wingers’ with ‘bugger all’ commitment

The CEO of Macquarie Radio Network has said the people who last year pressured advertisers to suspend business with the radio station because of comments by broadcaster Alan Jones were “hard-left wingers” who “didn’t have jobs” and had “bugger all commitment.”

Russell Tate made the comments on a Mumbrella360 panel discussion today while talking about the social media backlash to radio shock jock Alan Jones’s saying Julia Gillard’s father had “died of shame” in September last year on 2GB, which is owned by Macquarie Radio Network.

Tate said: “The first thing we did, and fortunately we were able to do it pretty quickly because we have access to the database, was to make sure Alan’s audience was okay. Because if they were going, it was going to be a serious problem.”“After we had that established, it wasn’t a big jump to make and come to the conclusion that pretty much all the people who were making all this noise never had, and probably never will, listened to 2GB. But that didn’t matter because  they were still driving the advertisers who chose to talk to the audience of Alan Jones,”  he said.

“They were mostly, you know, leaning hard-left wingers who probably listened to the ABC when they listened to anything and didn’t have a job – they seemed to be spending a lot of time on Facebook.”

The event saw the station pull advertising from the Alan Jones Breakfast Show for a number of weeks.

Tate said the backlash was like a “tsunami” and that while it took the station unawares, it faded away as quickly as it arose.

“Nobody was ready for what was a massive tsunami. The thing that stuck in my mind was how quickly this thing grew and they didn’t discriminate in the advertisers they targeted. Rightly or wrongly, we decided to just stop all advertising, which turned out to be the right thing to do. The thing about social media, is that while it can be a tidal wave in a second, it can equally die off, just like a normal wave. It thrives on momentum and if you take away the momentum, you can stop it because the commitment level is bugger all.”

This afternoon Destroy the Joint spokeswoman Jenna Price told Mumbrella: “(Tate) is talking about whether people are Alan Jones listeners, but the thing is advertisers are Alan Jones listeners, and they need to know that he is in line with community values.”

“What Destroy The Joint did was to get advertisers to concentrate on what Alan Jones was doing and the fact that they withdrew shows they didn’t like what he was saying,” said Price.

“It shows that what Alan Jones was saying wasn’t in line with their values.”

Cameron Boon


  1. Jesse
    5 Jun 13
    5:22 pm

  2. Obviously if you are offended by someone saying that our elected Prime Minister’s dead father died of shame over her policies, then clearly you must be a left-winger who listens to the ABC, smokes bongs and collects centrelink.

  3. Typical response
    5 Jun 13
    5:41 pm

  4. I’m not hard-left, I have a job and I’m 100% committed to my disapproval of Alan Jones. He is an unashamed twat.

  5. Scott Pettet
    5 Jun 13
    5:42 pm

  6. ‘we have access to the database’. Wow. Cutting edge. Is it in a filing cabinet?

    In relation to commitment, I disagree. I think the ‘protestors’ were as committed as they needed to be to make a dent. And they did. A fairly substantial one in commercial terms. Did they get Jones off air? Of course not. But that was never going to happen.

  7. Lindsay.
    5 Jun 13
    5:57 pm

  8. If there were only left-wingers turning against Alan Jones and 2GB over his comments then the 2GB would not have noticed anyone was complaining. The problem Jones and 2GB had was it was everyone with a decent bone in their body who was revolted. What is disappointing is the number of people who have forgiven Jone for saying what should never have been said. But nobody has ever accused 2GB listeners of being big thinkers.

  9. Elizabeth Flaherty
    5 Jun 13
    6:19 pm

  10. Hardly unexpected comments from the dinosaur media.

  11. nick bartlett
    6 Jun 13
    7:49 am

  12. As the money keeps pouring into 2GB because of Jones’ and Hadley’s ratings it has become one of the few newsrooms that is not under financial pressure.
    This is a problem for journalism in Australia. The home of the right wing rant is financially secure. This is the same newsroom that did not report on Alan’s comments on the Sunday morning after he made them.

  13. Richard S. Kazimer
    6 Jun 13
    9:18 am

  14. And yet there are no Oz talkback radio stations catering to the “left-wing bugger all” audience. Odd that.

  15. zumabeach
    6 Jun 13
    11:37 am

  16. The radios of Alan Jones’s listeners – when they’ve got their hearing aids turned up and can hear, that is – are rusted on 2GB. Jones and Hadley can be counted upon to reinforce their white picket fences and happy little housewives view every day and in every way. Why would they ever turn the dial to find another point of view? They know it’s a big, bad, nasty world out there, full of shifty looking foreign types who think different stuff to them. Alan and Ray can be counted upon to keep these barbarians away from the castle gate – never mind that most of the audience will be dead of old age within ten years.

  17. TH
    6 Jun 13
    3:49 pm

  18. I think it’s time for another backlash.

  19. deadsetter
    7 Jun 13
    1:15 pm

  20. I’m not a “hard-left winger” or a hard left whinger, but I am cheerfully employed & also on the board of two businesses, one of which is a community volunteer position. I do my best to make a contribution to society without being po-faced about it. It’s highly debatable as to whether Alan Jones, Ray Hadley or their enablers, could say the same from their noise-some,tawdry & divisive ivory tower.

  21. B
    7 Jun 13
    2:33 pm

  22. I attended this session and I found his comments in general extremely backwards.

    A highlight included, complaining he doesn’t get enough ad revenue because media buyers were all young, therefore had no connection to the station and ” had never even read a real newspaper”.

    I wonder what will happen when their listeners die in the next decade?

  23. Alastaire
    8 Jun 13
    12:02 pm

  24. To all you X, Y Genners…I have one thing to say. Youth is wasted on the young. Only in a Western society would one find such disrespect for our Elderly. AJ speaks to an audience with real Life experiences and should more of them engage in Niagara Therapy, they will keep 2GB humming along for a further decade.

  25. Philip Pogson
    8 Jun 13
    5:43 pm

  26. Russell Tate clearly needs to denigrate those who do not share his station’s bottom of the barrel values. I am a self-employed company director, run three businesses, and am in the band of the “very well off” financially. Yet I consider Alan Jones’s comments about the Prime Minister’s father to be in extremely poor taste and personally affronting to any individual, not just a PM. His comments about women are not much better. And no, I never listen to 2GB unless its in a taxi and then I ask the driver to turn it off. So because of Russell’s bizarre values, his advertisers never get to sell to me.

  27. Bruce Stephenson
    8 Jun 13
    11:23 pm

  28. With reference to Mr Tate’s comments against we people who protested against Mr Jones’s disrespectful and shameful comments against our Prime Minister, on top of his abusive attitudes against anyone who disagreed with his views, I want to put on record, that yes I rarely listened to Mr Jones’s program and yes again I am an ABC listener and viewer, and yes my views could be consisted ‘Left Wing’. The reason for my views are in part could be summed up with the likes of Mr Jones and his cohorts such as Ray Hadley and their cohort. They espouse views of which they have very little or no evidence, their views and opinions are mostly shallow and every day they abuse their power as broadcaster. Their jobs are to rate their programs more highly than their competitors and, in doing so, attract as many advertisers in greater numbers than their competitors – In turn all they have to do is be a loud and ‘shocking’ as the regulators will allow them. It’s a very simply game plan actually.

  29. Chris Nagy
    9 Jun 13
    10:10 am

  30. Dear Mr Tate, comments like this reflect more about you and your attitude to the wonderful diversity in the Australian community. You have a right to your opinion as do your detractors. Perhaps it’s time you listened to the vast majority of Australians who find negative agendas distasteful regardless of political persuasion or corporate affiliation.

  31. GJ
    10 Jun 13
    7:10 pm

  32. It was such a lame, tame thing to say in the first place it is hard to imagine why anyone would be so upset about such a remark. But we all know the left wingers live by two sets of rules – one for themselves and another one for supporters of the right. All the moral indignation comes out if anyone on the right says anything at all- but if one of their own says something, no one says a word- just like the Labor MP who two weeks later called Tony Abbott a “douchebag” and Julie Bishop “a bimbo etc” .. but that’s ok. As for poot ol Richard here, who says the left doesn’t get a gurnsey on the media – he seems to forget good ol Auntie ABC who is so left these days it hardly matters.

  33. Sylvia
    12 Jun 13
    10:07 pm

  34. What sort of person would support a man who called an entire race of immigrants to Australia “vermin”, who was found guilty of inciting racial hatred and violence (quote: get down to Cronulla for Leb and wog bashing day), has faced numerous defamation and contempt of court cases, has regularly breached radio standards, and been charged with committing an indecent act in a public toilet?
    I suppose someone whose livelihood depends on that person.

  35. Colin Fitton
    17 Jun 13
    5:36 pm

  36. Jones and Tate, what can you say about these 2 gentlemen, maybe that’s not the right word for them…. Think about that one…..any decent person would have put Jones out on his ++++ , but no Tate just let’s him prance around with that silly tongue hanging out, I keep thinking he needs a drink of water !!!!, what a horrible sight. The show has got no intelligence whatsoever, and the statement he made about a women and her father oh so bad !! Anyway the real problem is the people who are paying this village idiot there is the problem, thanking you for my time…….