Magnum Infinity launches ‘Australia’s first’ facial recognition billboard

Ice cream maker Streets has launched a facial recognition billboard for brand Magnum Infinity, which the advertiser claims is an Australia first.

After smiling to activate, users are instructed to pretend to bite the Magnum. A camera in the billboard registers the user’s mouth movements and imitates it by biting the ice cream on screen. Users can also smile for their photo to be uploaded on to the Streets Magnum Facebook page.

Created by experiential marketing firm Spinifex Group, the billboards are located in high traffic areas around Sydney, Melbourne and Brisbane for two weeks.

Joe Peschardt, corporate director of Spinifex Group, said: “We are very excited to help Magnum launch Australia’s first ever facial recognition billboard. In partnership with JC Decaux, we were able to combine the latest in technology with the art of great storytelling to deliver a highly immersive, unforgettable experience. For us this is just the beginning and we’re looking forward to working with Unilever to keep pushing the boundaries of outdoor media.”


  1. Rob Shearing
    2 May 12
    4:04 pm

  2. Smiling to activate – that’s a really cool call to action.

  3. Marshy
    2 May 12
    5:32 pm

  4. Love it. Good to see outdoor in tandem with digital.

  5. Social House Media
    2 May 12
    11:55 pm

  6. This is amazing! Im going to go looking for the one in Melbourne tomorrow!

  7. Social House Media
    8 May 12
    11:55 pm

  8. So we were in Sydney yesterday and went looking for it. We found the one in Pitt St mall.

    I was really impressed with this. There could definitely be some improvements made in the initial instructions but over all it was very different. I would give the facial detection a rating of 7/10

    A disappointment was that the photo quality that was uploaded to Facebook, it was very low res 1mp if that.

    Over all it was a great experience.