Marcus Casey and Nic Christensen join Mumbrella

Mumbrella has appointed two new senior journalists to its editorial staff and a new account manager to its sales team.

Veteran media writer Marcus Casey joined on Monday, while Nic Christensen will be joining the team on January 21.

Casey and Christensen – both former News Limited journalists – will work across both Mumbrella and sister title Encore which relaunches as a weekly, tablet-only publication at the end of the month

Casey’s 28-year-career includes a string of roles on Sydney’s Daily Telegraph. His experience includes editing The Daily Telegraph’s TV section and three years on the title’s Confidential showbiz section. He has also been a News Limited New York correspondent. He recently returned to Australia after a stint working in Cambodia.

Christensen has previously worked on The Australian’s Media section where his roles include editing its website and writing its social media column. He is currently associate producer of Sydney talk station 2UE’s breakfast show. He has also worked for The Daily Telegraph and 2GB. He was the Walkley Foundation’s student journalist of the year in 2009 and reporter of the year in the UTS journalism awards in 2010.

Christensen and Casey replace Georgina Pearson and Cathie McGinn who move to new roles within the company.

McGinn has become parent company Focal Attractions’ creative director with a focus on developing new industry events. Late last year she curated the first Festival of Branded Entertainment. She will also continue to write analysis pieces for Mumbrella and Encore. Pearson will work on a new project which will be unveiled shortly.

Meanwhile, Venetia James has joined the sales team as account manager. She previously worked in sales roles for Penguin Group in London.


  1. NS
    10 Jan 13
    12:51 pm

  2. congratulations on the burgeoning empire, Tim

  3. A Gape
    10 Jan 13
    12:53 pm

  4. You describe your new hires as “senior journalists”. No hyperbole there. Much.

    One, Marcus Casey has 28 years’ experience. Yes, that’s senior.

    The other, Nic Christensen was studying journalism in 2010…so that’s what, a year or two, at best, of real-world media employment? How is that “senior” (awards or otherwise)? Anyone who describes themselves, or is described as an “associate producer” of a radio talk show is automatically a wanker, sorry. That means he/she answers the listeners’ phone calls before patching them through to the on-air host. Hyperbole at its best.

    But good to see Mumbrella acknowledges content is king, and that you need journalists to create it. Good to see you taking on journalists and not firing them!

  5. OtherAndrew
    10 Jan 13
    1:14 pm

  6. Congrats Tim on growing your team, and congrats to the new duo on their respective roles. All the best for a great 2013, guys!

  7. Dan
    10 Jan 13
    3:13 pm

  8. @A Gape – Bit ridiculous to say associate producers only answer phones, associate producers are chasing producers. IE they write scripts and put the show together.

  9. The Internetz
    10 Jan 13
    3:34 pm

  10. Massive hires – Congratulations Tim and team!

  11. The Internetz
    10 Jan 13
    3:58 pm

  12. @A Gape – Maybe social media experience is like cat years. That in mind, two years in the real world reporting on SM is really like 8 years experience to a “social media guru” audience? 😛

  13. Dana
    10 Jan 13
    4:55 pm

  14. COngrats Tim, and new team members.
    We’ll ignore @A Gape’s snark, and wish you every success!

  15. Mufti
    10 Jan 13
    5:03 pm

  16. Hallelujah. Someone is hiring in journalism. Two down, about 1998 to go to make up the balance of those lost in the last six months. Good on you Mumbrella and congratulations to Nic and Marcus.

  17. Leslie
    10 Jan 13
    5:53 pm

  18. Congratulations, Nic! Will you still have to get up at 2am?

  19. AdGrunt
    11 Jan 13
    8:31 am

  20. Well done on your continuing expansion.