Marianne Bess to leave Droga5

One of the founding partners of the Australian office of ad agency Droga5 is to depart. The agency has announced that Sydney MD Marianne Bess is to return to the US.

She said: “When we started the company, there was only three of us, no business and just big dreams.

“Five years on, we’re close to 100 people and working on many of Australia’s most respected brands. I wouldn’t have missed a moment of it, but now it’s time to focus more on my personal life.”

CEO Sudeep Gohil said: “I speak for all the partners when I say I wish her only the very best for this next chapter in her life.”

There are no immediate plans to replace Bess, who leaves this month.


  1. Oscar Wilde
    30 Jul 12
    3:23 pm

  2. “To lose one parent may be regarded as a misfortune; to lose both looks like carelessness.”

    What on earth is going on?

    Andrew Stone the Founding Partner of D5 Auckland gone on Saturday (!) and Marianne Bess Founding Partner of D5 Sydney gone two days later?

  3. fleshpeddler
    31 Jul 12
    11:57 am

  4. the old ‘spending more time with my family’ story eh? Just as the new PR girl started too.

    just saying…