Monkeys create first work for Ten with MasterChef poster campaign

Ad agency The Monkeys has created its first work for Network Ten with an outdoor campaign to promote MasterChef: The Professionals.

At this stage, the work was a one-off, with most of Ten’s promotional work being done by its own creative team.

Mark Green, CEO of The Monkeys, told Mumbrella: “Ten typically do most work in house but for this project they sought help, and they came to us. Obviously we’ll keep in touch.”

The outdoor poster campaign by photographer Toby Dixon aimed to build on the credentials an reputations of its hosts Matt Preston and chef Marco Pierre White.



  1. hmmmm....
    23 Jan 13
    2:30 pm

  2. Thought it was a family show? Looks like a horror movie?

  3. Rebecca
    23 Jan 13
    2:50 pm

  4. A gun with a knife seems pretty inappropriate at the moment.

  5. lexi
    23 Jan 13
    7:36 pm

  6. I love these. Simple and effective. Go Monkeys!

  7. Ed Commander
    24 Jan 13
    9:01 am

  8. Very nice.

  9. Steve
    24 Jan 13
    9:46 am

  10. The logo’s are a little small aren’t they?

  11. Rob R
    24 Jan 13
    10:34 am

  12. Can I cynically ask why this wasn’t run when the campaign launched? Did Monkeys prompt this article or Mumbrella?
    Always find it weird when a campaign thats been around for over a month gets an article, might as well read the fish and chips wrapper sort of thing….
    Waiting for the ratings before they attached themselves to it?
    I actually liked the campaign and as for the logos being small, I saw it and knew exactly what it was for, no big overbearing logo needed.

  13. nell schofield
    24 Jan 13
    10:48 am

  14. dramatic, intriguing and with a sense of fun. very welll done. Made me look closer, that’s for sure.
    @hmmmm- “looks like a horror movie” is a criticism? that’s the whole idea, dear – it’s meant to make you look at the ad rather than ignore it like the other 1999 advertising messages we’re all hit with each day
    @rebecca – a gun with a knife is inappropriate? Another gun loving loony in the US goes berserk and kills kids but Masterchef can’t use the word ‘gun’ in its copyrighting? are you for real? go back to facebook and twitter please, the more appropriate domains of your brand of anonymous, hysterical self-righteous whining
    @Steve – small logos are intentional mate. Your curiousity is piqued and you lean it to see who’s delivering the message. Just like i did.

    the quality of comment on Mumbrella has really reached new lows.

  15. Monkey Fan
    24 Jan 13
    1:45 pm

  16. I loved this campaign when I first saw it – congrats Monkeys, love ya work.

  17. Steve
    24 Jan 13
    2:58 pm

  18. @nell schofield – I reckon you might find these are the posters that will be entered into the awards and not the ones that went to print, hence the smaller logo, no timeslot and the fact that they’re now being claimed by the monkeys. They are nice though.

  19. Stu
    24 Jan 13
    9:04 pm

  20. Great line.
    Once again, copy carries the ad.

  21. Don Draper
    25 Jan 13
    11:00 am

  22. Interesting campaign, although it was too dark when sitting in bus shelters. The two biggest assets were hard to see unless you knew what you were looking for. It also was not even remotely related or relevant to the way the TV show comes across and is positioned. Perhaps that was the strategy?? Should we try to have a direct link to what is being “sold” and delivered or was it a means of increasing interest?

  23. Anonymous
    27 Jan 13
    2:02 pm

  24. Not much creativity – it’s the poster for “The Social Network”…