McDonald’s launches Big Mac Chant Challenge

McDonald’s has launched a promotion aimed at enticing customers to upload videos describing the ingredients of a Big Mac.

Winners of the competition – to come up with the most original chant of the phrase “Two all beef patties, special sauce, lettuce, cheese, pickles, onions on a sesame seed bun” – win a holiday for seven people.

Consumers are being asked to vote on the best videos in exchange for Big Mac vouchers.

The campaign – supported through point of sale material in McDonald’s stores – has been created by DDB NZ with production done in Australia. The campaign is the second major McDonald’s promotion used in Australia which originated from roster agency DDB’s NZ team, which was also behind this year’s push involving people whose name was Chicken.

The promotion is also the second time in recent weeks that McDonald’s has used a TV ad featuring the illusion of somebody being upside down. The same technique was used in its promotion – repurposed from the US – for free Coca-Cola glasses.

It is a rehash of the campaign first started in the 1990s where consumers were asked to say the phrase in return for a Big Mac. It has since been brought back periodically for short run campaigns.


  • Client: McDonald’s
  • Marketing Director NZ: Miriam Rae
  • Marketing Manager: Alice Telford
  • Brand Manager: Luke Pavan

Agency: DDB

  • Executive Creative Director – Andy Fackrell
  • Creative Director – Jordan Sky
  • Art Director – Julia Ferrier
  • Art Director – Tim Yates
  • Copy writer – Ashwin Gopal
  • Executive Producer – Judy Thompson
  • Agency Producer – Samantha Meehan
  • Group Account Director – Cath Bosson
  • Account Director – Carly Pratt
  • Account Executive – Rebecca Kearsley

Production Company – Jungleboys

  • Director – Van Vuuren Bros
  • Executive Producer – Alex Hay
  • Producer – Catherine Warner

Post production – Cutting Edge

Sound Design – Song Zu

Music – Peter Van der Fluit – Liquid Studios


  1. DS
    21 Aug 13
    1:03 pm

  2. Social media can really suck sometimes, can’t it….

  3. Billy C
    21 Aug 13
    1:04 pm

  4. I’m looking forward to 4chan getting a hold of this.

  5. Drew
    21 Aug 13
    2:04 pm

  6. This will be massively successful simply because the incentive to vote is actually very high. Everyone gets a Big Mac! You can receive 2 free big macs a week. Broke uni students will go nuts for this promotion – however I don’t think they will watch all the videos – probaby just vote for the clip that is first on the screen while in the lineup at McDonalds for their free Big Mac.

    What are everyone else’s thoughts…

  7. Rebecca
    21 Aug 13
    2:17 pm

  8. ‘Consumers’ need to get hobbies.

  9. Wisenheimer
    21 Aug 13
    2:51 pm

  10. That chant goes back to the 70’s in Australia

  11. Larry
    21 Aug 13
    3:24 pm

  12. I’m surprised DDB NZ are getting a second chance….

  13. Honestly
    21 Aug 13
    5:41 pm

  14. Oh, this is just all getting so tragic.

    Yeah, sure, uni students will go nuts for this … a free big mac, what is the downside there.

    After that engagement, they will take their caravan and move on.

    Lame, lame, lame

  15. Ocker
    22 Aug 13
    7:52 am

  16. Another recycled idea.Nothing new from Mcdonalds for a very long time.
    C’mon Mr Marketing Guy do your job!

  17. di
    22 Aug 13
    10:01 am

  18. Thanks a lot for giving a holiday to people who write a stupid song for you.I can not go anywhere for looking after elderly parent yet was happy to go to the hills and I lived in Tecoma where you want to build a stinking wifi filled 24 hour store to make sure I do not have peace now on a mountain.people go fishing to get away from it all..that is what the mountain is to people.. we do not want you there.Sue 8 people who live there and telling you NO.. 85 thousand people signed NO to 24 hours store.. I will write you a song~! about you so all my friends who also never want to eat or even have a coffee now.. and thanks for the kindergarten across the road..No heavy metal song exists to be LOUD enough for your DEAF ears and no heart to the community and our forest and kids and peace. You need an EVIL LOUD HEAVY METAL SONG TO SHOW YOUR TRUE COLORS. NO actually autotune.. you are fake that way..heavy metal is too good for you.

  19. Your mum
    22 Aug 13
    11:17 am

  20. You know what? This sounds alot like Hungry Jack’s ad development for their Stunner menu:

    Don’t do it just because its a social media idea. Do it because it’ll be NEW, engaging and effective – whatever the platform or medium. The rest is just noise.

  21. Ben
    28 Aug 13
    6:09 pm

  22. Hey I want a free big mac

  23. Chant - Vote this one!
    29 Aug 13
    3:49 pm