McDonald’s launches ingredient tracking app

McDonald’s has launched an app that allows users to track the origins of the ingredients in the food they’ve purchased.

TrackMyMacca’s follows the supply chain of food and uses augmented reality to display the results in an attempt to dispel some of the myths around the restaurant’s processing procedures.

The app was created by DDB Australia in partnership with production company Acne Production, video house And so they were, media agency OMD and Mango PR.

DDB’s creative director Nick Pringle said: “It’s always exciting to work on innovative projects for brands, and working on something that has the scale and reach of McDonald’s makes it even better. When a project involves changing more than 150 million pieces of packaging, you know it’s going to have an impact.”

McDonald’s chief marketing officer Mark Lollback said: “The TrackMyMacca’s app is a world first for McDonald’s and we’re really happy to have partnered with the DDB Group to deliver this our customers around the country. Using GPS technology partnered with augmented reality, any Australian with an iPhone, iPad or iTouch can now use the app and track where different ingredients of the specific meal they are having has come from.”

The app works on selected menu items across Australia. The app has launched and will run until June 30.

McDonald’s Australia:

  • Chief Marketing Officer: Mark Lollback
  • Vice President Marketing: Madeleine Fitzpatrick
  • Marketing Manager: Shamini Nair
  • Media Relations Manager: Skye Oxenham

DDB Group:

  • Executive Creative Director: Dylan Harrison, DDB
  • Creative Directors: Steve Wakelam and Nick Pringle, DDB
  • Creative Team: Steve Wakelam and Nick Pringle, DDB
  • Designer: Carl Fraunschiel, DDB
  • Planner: Ryan Richards, DDB
  • Managing Partner: Richard Morewood, DDB
  • Senior Business Director: Daniel Lipman, DDB
  • Business Manager: Harry Towle, DDB
  • Head of Media Relations: Tina Alldis, Mango Sydney
  • Executive Producer: Jeroen Jedeloo, Tribal DDB
  • Digital Producer: Amanda Birrell, Tribal DDB
  • Technical director: Ferdinand Haratua, Tribal DDB
  • User Experience: Barth Wahlen, DDB


  • Production Company: ACNE Production
  • Executive Producer: Fran McGivern
  • Senior Digital Producer: Jacinte Faria
  • Interactive Director: Martin Pagh Ludvigsen
  • Developers: Matt Schoen + Jono Forbes
  • Creative Director: Kalle Hellzén
  • Senior Art Director: Stevie Laux
  • 3D Design + Animation: Franco Barroeta
  • Associate Producer: Tina Avanessian
  • Video Production HouseCompany: And so they were
  • Video Animation Design: Camille Chu

Media: OMD
Media Relations: PPR Sydney, Mango Melbourne, Rowland, Hughes PR and PPR Perth


  1. Myra
    18 Jan 13
    5:46 pm

  2. Now can they make an app that shows where the food ends up? Places like the thighs, the arteries, the liver, around the abdomen…..

  3. Steven
    18 Jan 13
    10:27 pm

  4. I couldn’t give a shit where the food comes from, I went to Hungry Jacks for the chance to win some free food. Oh and their app runs on Android.

    Lovely looking app but a waste of time personally.

  5. Cate
    21 Jan 13
    9:47 am

  6. @Steven, totally agree. Seems like an excuse to make a pretty app. If I were someone who genuinely cared where my food is sourced from, I wouldn’t be in McDonald’s in the first place.

  7. Dave
    21 Jan 13
    12:20 pm

  8. @ Steven – I agree its a pity its not on Android. Great use of AR though – with context and meaning at least, and infinitely more engaging than a done-to-death in-(traditional)app competition entry mechanism. Agree that it could’ve used a call to action though, beyond just ‘provenance’.

    A couple more campaigns of this size and AR could really be on the agenda from the client-side this year…

  9. Steven
    21 Jan 13
    1:43 pm

  10. I guess this sets a marker for what AR can accomplish. Technically it’s amazing so I didn’t want to belittle the achievement but I didn’t feel compelled to download it while I was munching on a Big Mac (on my wife’s iPhone).