McDonald’s launches summer ad offensive

McDonald’s has launched its major advertising campaign for the summer season.

The campaign celebrates the characteristics of summer, from hopping feet on hot pavements to bikinis, wet suits and cold ice cream, to the tune of Do Summer by Electric Dreams.

The campaign was created by DDB Sydney. Last year, Leo Burnett re-emerged on the McDonald’s roster, picking up summer campaign duties. 


  • Client:
  • Chief Marketing Officer: Mark Lollback
  • VP/Director of Marketing: Madeleine Fitzpatrick
  • Senior Brand Manager: Jennifer Lim
  • Brand Manager: Luke Pavan
  • DDB:
  • Executive Creative Director: Dylan Harrison, DDB Sydney
  • Managing Partner: Richard Morewood, DDB Sydney
  • Creative Directors: Cam Hoelter and Richard Morgan, DDB Sydney
  • Senior Producer: Amanda Bennie, DDB Sydney
  • Account Director: Carly Pratt, DDB New Zealand
  • Partners:
  • Production: Prodigy Films
  • Director: Steve Hudson
  • Producer: Marge McInness
  • DOP: Jeremy Rouse
  • Music: Electric Dreams


  1. Macsmutterings
    14 Nov 12
    1:55 pm

  2. it makes me want to do a Big Mac….

  3. Miss Darling
    14 Nov 12
    2:06 pm

  4. This is a great spot – lovin’ it.

  5. HenryG
    14 Nov 12
    2:14 pm

  6. Their ads always make me hungry

  7. Rob
    14 Nov 12
    2:15 pm

  8. What a load of crap, not realistic enough. It’s running a ratio of 20/1 Skinny healthy people at Maccas to unhealthy (when the opposite is true). There is only one slightly overweight person in the whole ad but I’m pretty sure if I walk into any Maccas on the planet right now Obesity would as common as Combo meals… Apart from that, I actually love the spot, it’s great.

  9. Sharon
    14 Nov 12
    2:15 pm

  10. Do the Math
    Double Quarter Pounder = 3560kj

  11. nickatnights
    14 Nov 12
    2:24 pm

  12. Yum. I’ll have some of that and I am not talking about the food.

  13. Neocube Champ
    14 Nov 12
    2:25 pm

  14. Hey Rob – you do get how advertising works, don’t you? I doubt a Macca’s ad full of realism is going to move a great deal of product…

  15. Rob
    14 Nov 12
    2:54 pm

  16. Yeah I get it, just felt it was a little too far down the skinny and hot path. Ratio took it out of “advertising” and into “science fiction”…

  17. Lucio
    14 Nov 12
    3:08 pm

  18. Someone’s thinking. A trfle over-played, but works for me.

    PS – don’t feed the bloody seagulls!!

  19. Tom
    14 Nov 12
    3:43 pm

  20. Me likey.

  21. Abe
    14 Nov 12
    3:48 pm

  22. Love the music track. Is that a custom job?

  23. Abe
    14 Nov 12
    3:51 pm

  24. Um, I should have completely read the article. Love that music! Made it for me.

  25. Anonymous
    14 Nov 12
    4:09 pm

  26. Best spot they have done for a long time. Good work DDB and Maccas

  27. Mo S.
    14 Nov 12
    4:11 pm

  28. Love it!! Love the music, the visual, and those abs.

  29. @Rob
    14 Nov 12
    4:41 pm

  30. That’s like putting alcoholic homeless people in a Carlton Draught ad..

  31. This is great
    14 Nov 12
    5:25 pm

  32. Bang on for the consumer insights for summer. Feels like it could have come out of the Droga5 planning department. Some really good stuff in there.
    Production is great also. Love the song!

  33. FatDonalds
    14 Nov 12
    7:20 pm

  34. Blimey the astro turfing on this thread?!!

    I watched an obese bloke get off his mobility scooter and wade into a Maccas the other day. He was walking! He might visit the beach and splash in the surf if he had swerved Macca’s throughout his life.

    When will this nonsense end?

    (Just trying to level this thread up v the astro turfers.) High ground, moral stuff…

  35. Ann
    14 Nov 12
    7:41 pm

  36. I agree with 4. Rob. Unrealistic.

  37. AdGrunt
    14 Nov 12
    8:28 pm

  38. I simply can’t understand why such a great ad hasn’t been made awesome by the addition of some fat, ugly bogans with their screaming kids.

    Back on planet earth. A nice, amusing ad that is refreshingly light on gratuitous product shots and heavy on occasionality insight.

    Let the obesity morons commence.

  39. Jay
    14 Nov 12
    8:43 pm

  40. Great ad it really captures the moments and feeling of summer! I’m pretty sure everyone has experienced at least one of those moments during summer in their lifetime.

  41. Ben
    14 Nov 12
    8:51 pm

  42. When was the last time you went to McDonalds and got served by four attractive caucasians?

  43. cynicle
    14 Nov 12
    8:58 pm

  44. Perhaps I’m missing the point of this ad… am I supposed to be incredibly motivated to go to Maccas because they’re ‘part of the rituals of summer’? Bring back the Drumstick ad from a few years ago, at least that one was more relevant to the brand. Boring.

  45. Mike
    15 Nov 12
    2:19 am

  46. I couldn’t help but think I was watching a promo for Channel 10’s Puberty Blues. Pass me the bucket, I mean, burger.

  47. Lars Ulrich
    15 Nov 12
    7:54 am

  48. great ad.

  49. No lars
    15 Nov 12
    9:02 am

  50. Amazing ad, a real game changer. Some of our best work.

  51. Rob
    15 Nov 12
    9:27 am

  52. Mike – I think your right, little doubt “Puberty Blues” was in the mood board at concept stage.
    Ben – ROFL!
    AdGrunt – So you don’t think they’ve gone a touch too far on the hot bodies for a high fat high sodium joint? Come on mate, they haven’t pushed an envelope, they’ve bulldozed a post office. Not saying it should look like a biggest loser launch promo but one too many hottie shots for mine…

  53. Rushdie
    15 Nov 12
    11:06 am

  54. That so many people in this stream think this idea-less jingle spot is great says a lot about where the bar has been lowered to. True, it is better than most fast food ads at the moment — which positions it about average on the scale of all ads. One thing is for sure – over at YUM in French’s Forest, Olgilvy are going to be hauled in and told to “give us one of those ads — fast!”. Or they might call Banjo who have an uncanny knack for music based stuff (see Bonds).

  55. Lloyd
    15 Nov 12
    1:11 pm

  56. That Jack Russell in the ad looked a tad over weight to me…

    They’ve covered off all denominations pretty well I think.

    Isn’t this site read by marketing savvy people? Since when do you ever want to represent your actual consumers in their truest form… You’d never sell anything.

  57. Jacob
    15 Nov 12
    4:17 pm

  58. I love you Macca’s…this takes me back to the good old Summer days simply just hanging out with friends after the beach when I saw this ad. My moment, grabbing a Quarter Pounder and cooling down – love that feeling when you enter Macca’s during Summer!

  59. AdGrunt
    16 Nov 12
    7:57 am

  60. @Rob – what would that lend to the ad’s engagement?

  61. Really?
    17 Nov 12
    1:52 am

  62. Reading the ‘positive’ posts so far has drained my soul.

    It is McDonalds

    It is food in only the loosest sense of the word

    You all sound like robots, not individuals in a truly creative industry

    Have a great weekend

  63. Amanda
    17 Nov 12
    10:50 am

  64. love the ad

  65. Craig
    17 Nov 12
    4:25 pm

  66. I get bored reading comments like the above one all the time in these forums regardless of the brand, for me I believe McDonald’s stands for so much more than just its food – they do great things in and around my community, but celebrating good times over food (regardless I what you think about it) over Summer, well what’s not to like about the ad, a true creative would aim to make people feel emotionally connected and great about who they are and what they do, what better brand to try and make it happen.

  67. Smithy
    18 Nov 12
    12:58 am

  68. Great ad – especially given the store used is in Narellan NSW – 40k’s + from the coast.

  69. Richard Moss
    20 Nov 12
    1:12 am

  70. I sincerely hope that there is a genuine core of care and fellow feeling in all those who found it necessary to comment about obesity and/ or the lack of it in relation to this series of ads.

    I am genuinely concerned, not so much with peoples rights to spend their hard earned cash on whatever floats their boat, but the growing number of self appointed lobbyists that will jump up and bleat “Two legs bad, four legs good”.

  71. Steve Fontanot
    22 Nov 12
    2:02 pm

  72. Brilliant work guys!

  73. max
    23 Nov 12
    11:39 am

  74. i find this commercial offensive, as the fatty girl working out in the park should try to lose some weight instead of ducking away from exercise to eat fried bacon sh*t !