McDonald’s pokes fun at Facebook fans to celebrate a million likes

McDonald’s Australia has created a video based on some of the content and comments from its Facebook page to celebrate cracking the million likes mark on the social network.

The playful online video, which features some of the whackier pronouncements made by brand fans on the page, and also pokes fun at some of its more obsessive fans.

Head of digital marketing for McDonald’s ANZ, Mark Wheeler said: “With social media and digital playing an increasingly important role in McDonald’s brand communications, hitting the one million fan milestone is something we’re lovin’.

“This is testament to the work of the OMD Word team, who over the last three years have carefully nurtured the page and helped us with the consistent growth we’ve had on the page. We look forward to seeing where we’ll be in three years time.”

The brand is one of just a handful in Australia to hit seven digits for followers on Facebook.

Thomas Hutley, social director for OMD Word which runs the page, said: “We wanted to treat our fans and create a light-hearted and fun piece of content that showcased the quirky commentary regularly posted to the page.

“That said, whilst one million fans is a fantastic achievement, it’s really just a number and our focus moving forward is to continue engaging our community through interesting and relevant content.”


  1. Drew
    16 Apr 14
    1:20 pm

  2. An excellent execution. Well done maccas.

  3. S
    16 Apr 14
    1:23 pm

  4. Love this. Perfect level of irreverence for the platform.

  5. AdGrunt
    16 Apr 14
    1:28 pm

  6. Who actually gives a fuck about how many fans a page has?

    Executionally the 8 bit style is a little strange, but an amusing video.

  7. joanne
    16 Apr 14
    1:28 pm

  8. Great work OMD Word team! Cracked the million fans :)

  9. Blutack
    16 Apr 14
    1:52 pm

  10. Nice one – McFlurry’s all round.

  11. David
    16 Apr 14
    2:22 pm

  12. Very clear piece. Well done to the creative people behind this

  13. goodone
    16 Apr 14
    3:32 pm

  14. When I saw the heading of this article I rolled my eyes and was all like ‘Oh yeah, here we go’ but then watched the vid….it’s actually pretty good. Well done to all involved, you converted a hater like me, for whatever it’s worth

  15. Vegan Values
    16 Apr 14
    3:34 pm

  16. If there is any doubt that celebrating a facebook milestone is as exciting as watching rubbish pile up in bins outside fast food joints, then consider the engagement/loyalty/brand interaction etc of the million fb fans. As of 15:28 AEST, 221 had watched this banal video and 7 had liked it. That’s 0.0221% and 0.0007% respectively. And these were probably OMD Word staff.

  17. Amy
    16 Apr 14
    3:38 pm

  18. Looks like Maccas loves their fans SO much they’ve turned off the main post function meaning fans can only comment on Maccas content – not write on the wall.

  19. Drew
    16 Apr 14
    4:42 pm

  20. @vegan values – I dont work for Maccas – but this is a Facebook video – over on Facebook its had 2600 likes and over 400 shares. Plus there are plenty of people commenting underneath. That said – i dont agree with them turning off commenting on the youtube video. Counter-productive methinks and goes against social media 101.

  21. hmmm
    16 Apr 14
    6:43 pm

  22. well done, suits the platform and is good for the brand

  23. Erm But
    16 Apr 14
    9:34 pm

  24. How many of the million Facebook ‘fans’ are Australian?

    Great vid, although will it result in more sales?

  25. We're in australia
    17 Apr 14
    10:56 am

  26. @Erm i think you’ll find pretty much all of them would be australian as it is the “McDonald’s Australia” facebook page?

  27. Thornton Reed
    17 Apr 14
    2:59 pm

  28. @Erm 91% are in Australia according to Social Bakers – which is pretty impressive. Definitely know where you were coming from with the comment, though.

    I thought this was a brilliant social execution. Best milestone celebration I’ve seen from an Australian brand. (No affiliation to OMD or Maccas)