Media Week latest to go online only

I saw the sad news this morning that Media Week in the UK has closed its print edition after 24 years.  

Editing that title, which was mainly for those in media agencies and media sales, was my first foray in the world of marketing and media. I’m at least the third former editor of that magazine to later work in the Australian media.

In the announcement, owner Haymarket cites the downturn and structural change as being behind the decision, which also sees Revolution, its magazine for the digital industry, turned into a quarterly supplement.

Of the magazines I’ve edited, the score now reads:

  • Campaign Middle East (ITP, Dubai) – closed 2007 (later reopened by another publisher)
  • Hospital Doctor (Reed Business Information) – closed 2008
  • Media Week (Haymarket) – closed 2009
  • B&T (Reed Business Information) – still going strong

It’s possible to read too much about the viability of B2B print titles (or perhaps how much bad luck I bring them) into the decision. The magazine (which will still be online) was one of several weeklies in the media and marketing space owned by Haymarket, but its most recent acquisition (in 2005), so if one was going to get chopped that was probably it.

But I do suspect that there will be few people starting out in journalism now who will be working on print B2B titles in a decade’s time.

Tim Burrowes


  1. Mr Haveitall
    18 Nov 09
    10:03 am

  2. I used to do the sandwhich trolley for Media Week when it was in Croydon (England)… Real shame to see it go online only, have some fond memories.

    P.S: Burrowes, you still owe me a fiver for a tuna-mayo bap with a can of Pepsi Max.

  3. Kennedy
    18 Nov 09
    11:05 am

  4. I used to do the post in Croydon for Media Week and all I have to say is – I hate that Tim Burrowes!!!

  5. mumbrella
    18 Nov 09
    11:14 am

  6. This is an in-joke for which I’d say there’s an Australian audience of three people (myself included)


    Tim Burrowes – Mumbrella

  7. Alan
    18 Nov 09
    1:13 pm

  8. I used to be Ad Manager whilst Tim was Editor in sunny Croydon. Did you ever forgive me for selling an ad on the front cover?

  9. JP
    18 Nov 09
    1:19 pm

  10. What a coincidence.

    I used to run a bar in Croydon – we had ban that Tim Burrowes.

  11. Adam Joseph
    18 Nov 09
    2:51 pm

  12. This is the most media mentions my old stomping ground Croydon has had for decades (the London one, not the Melbourne one).

  13. Mr Haveitall
    18 Nov 09
    3:03 pm

  14. Alan

    Fair play on selling the cover – it was usually some shyte picture of the editorial assistant dressed as a groom or something anyway. Looked much better with a massive picture of a JCDecaux super-site on the front.

  15. Alan
    18 Nov 09
    5:36 pm

  16. Now that’s inside info….bloody PR….Richard, is that you?

  17. Mark Etting
    18 Nov 09
    10:24 pm

  18. I am a fictional character who used to write a weekly column for Media Week, and I just wanted to say on behalf of everyone at Chunky Norris how sorry I am to hear this news.

  19. Chunky Norris marketer
    18 Nov 09
    11:04 pm

  20. Etting you mug, perhaps if you had spent more time servcing my business instead of spouting off to the press back in 2004 I wouldn’t have booted you guys off our account! Sad to see Media Week go nonetheless

  21. Media Bitch
    19 Nov 09
    10:57 am

  22. Can’t believe I’ll never go to the Channel Four Media Planning Awards again… Ah well, getting all the gossip for the back page was such fun while it lasted.