Melbourne Storm kicks off ‘No ordinary team’ ad series

Ad agency Grey Melbourne has kicked off the first in a series of commercials for Melbourne Storm to put some meat around the NRL club’s new slogan ‘No ordinary team’.

The idea behind the campaign is to get Melbournians to feel a greater sense of connection to Storm, says the agency’s managing partner Luke Waldren.

The first in the series features club captain Cam Smith.

Melbourne Storm’s chief commercial officer, Claire Murphy, was quoted on the team’s website as saying: “A key consumer insight that emerged from last year was the desire for Melbournians to gain a better understanding of what makes Melbourne Storm so unique.

“No Ordinary Team is designed to not only showcase the skill and excitement Melbourne Storm brings to the field each week, but, through the power of storytelling, give consumers a taste of the Storm way.”

The next ads in the series are to feature players Billy Slater, Cooper Cronk, Ryan Hoffman and head coach Craig Bellamy.

The TV work will be supported with print and radio ads, as well as activity on the team’s Facebook page.


  1. KD
    25 Feb 12
    9:24 pm

  2. Cheating bastards!

  3. Dan
    25 Feb 12
    10:47 pm

  4. If the key insight was understanding what makes the storm so unique, why did the go with such a bland, generic ‘the roar of the crowd and the spectators are great’ line that could be run across any sport?

    Can see many AFL fans converting on this showing.

  5. margaret young
    26 Feb 12
    4:28 pm

  6. I loved the ad. It is only the first of a series, so it’s a bit early to be critical. Cam Smith is an excellent choice to launch the campaign. The Storm captain has just been voted “Most valuable player in the NRL” and soon to become Captain of both Aust and Qld. With Billy Slater (current Dally M winner) and Cooper Cronk (both to feature in later ads) Storm have 3 of the NRL’s top 6 players. I’d call that unique. Storm is also unique for being the only NRL team in AFL heartland. This has resulted in a very exciting style of football with skills influenced by the other code. It’s different and unique to Melbourne, although other teams slavishly try to copy it. Keep watching the ads Dan. Eventually you might see what we mean.

  7. league fan
    26 Feb 12
    11:43 pm

  8. The most unique thing about the Melbourne Storm is the infamous salary cap scandal. It’s a shame they’d never address this head-on as the player and consumer insights around it could make for a provocative campaign.. ha.

    @margaret young – Interested to hear what these “AFL” style skills are that Melbourne supposedly has over the rest of the comp.. Storm are more widely known as being defensively efficient/grinders over anything else.

    Look forward to seeing the rest of the episodes and hope they improve.

  9. I'mastormtrooper2
    27 Feb 12
    8:00 am

  10. What is unique about the Melbourne Storm is it’s ability to keep on keeping on through adversity … Their Rugby League record of achievements is listed amongst the very best of Rugby League teams who have been in the competition, long before the Melbourne Storm was ever thought of by the ARL or NRL – many clubs have fallen from grace, and haven’t been able to produce on or off the field … Kudos to the Melbourne Storm for finding a way to build the rugby league brand and find the initative to remain highly competitive and respected as a club and a group of athletes that can pride themselves as not only rugby league champions but as Australia’s finest athletes … It’s just a shame for those people who have not fathomed the outcome of the salary cap issue at the Melbourne Storm, that many rugby league clubs have been investigated on that issue and most, like the Melbourne Storm have not had one criminal charge laid against them …

  11. Dave the gay art director
    27 Feb 12
    6:33 pm

  12. “So many people behind him”

    Make that 1 more who’d like to be right behind you Cam ! :p

  13. I'm not a storm trooper
    27 Feb 12
    10:34 pm

  14. @8:00AM,

    Melbourne Storm are the only team that have ever had titles stripped from them and there’s no way you could claim they’re one of histories successful NRL sides:

    (The awkward moment where Mumbrella becomes a sporting discussion).

  15. margaret young
    28 Feb 12
    12:06 am

  16. @ League Fan. Canterbury, Canberra and the Warriors were all investigated and found guilty of major salary cap breaches. They incurred fines and losses of points. Most other clubs have been caught at various times and simply given fines for less serious infringements. The point is, Storm is not unique for salary cap breaching. It is widespread and periodically Clubs get sprung. You also question what Storm has learned from the AFL and brought to their game. I will give you one example. Prior to the Storm’s entry into the comp, most NRL players caught the ball on their chest. Storm players did it differently. They would fly up and pluck the ball from the air and revolutionised the game in the process. One of the highest flyers in the comp was Izzy Folau. The AFL was so impressed with him they poached him. If you really are a League Fan, try listening to the commentators when they are describing a game involving the Storm.

  17. I'mastormtrooper2
    28 Feb 12
    8:09 am

  18. 1.Dave the gay art director – Please be respectful – the subject is “No Ordinary Team” – Cameron Smith is a husband and father, happily so, I believe … So I suggest you make your plays on a site that suits your sexual fantasies …

  19. PHAIRY
    2 Mar 12
    12:55 pm

  20. Every time I watch it I get goose bumps! The add invokes a sense of what it is to be a member/supporter of the MIGHTY MELBOURNE STORM! A true supporter will support through thick & thin and that’s exactly what the fans did last year. I think Cam summed it up perfectly “I love this place, and its my home”